A Bleg on Behalf of my Dog

Connor, the middle-aged Malti-poo is at the veterinarians office today, to sort out why he has been throwing up for the last day and a half, has no appetite and is terribly lethargic. The bill for his treatment will be an unexpected expense for me … so anyone going to my book blog and purchasing copies of To Truckee’s Trail, Daughter of Texas, Deep in the Heart, or the Adelsverein Trilogy in the separate volumes will help me to square matters with the vet, and put Connor back where he belongs, sleeping peacefully under my desk.

7 thoughts on “A Bleg on Behalf of my Dog”

  1. Thanks – so far, the vet says it isn’t a bowel obstruction, so that’s all to the good. And the results of the blood work are encouraging. And the lethargy vanished as soon as we walked into the vet’s office…

  2. I also thought it sounded like a bowel obstruction (several instances of that here in the last 30 years). Some things won’t show up on x-ray and require a barium series for a definitive diagnoses, tough to do if they are still vomiting. There are also viruses that cause GI symptoms like that and you just have to support them with fluids, etc, until it runs its course. Good luck!

  3. Ouch, Greg – for both you and poor Dutch. I reckon I got off easy, then – and Connor’s appetite has revived.(So has activity at the other end, which was a relief… in different ways for both of us.) I didn’t want to loose another dog the way that I lost one who had injested some grass poisoned with weed-killer, or so we guess.

  4. Sgt Mom – one of the people I know though another blog just lost 2 dogs – to some kind of poison – where they got it nobody knows but it was nasty – and he was thinking the worst – that someone did it.

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