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The collapse of Bolshevism deprived the panoply of fellow-travelers of the paradaisal vision they needed to function. To make it from one day to the next. The Worker’s Paradise functioned as the Opiate of the Moonbats, vacuuming the truly insane from society and placing them in the custody of relatively functional cult leaders like Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot. Now that these worthies are gone, their former wards have all crawled out of the snakepit.

-Wretchard (in the comment section of this post)

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. You still can tell who the Medusa-haired ones are by their invocation of the paradise of Cuba, Castro, and Chavez. The Nihilists are organising around the familiar and soothing sounds of Stalinist rhetoric, the socialist-speak with emphasis on words like: the social and ecological consequences…. antithetical tenets of reaction… high points and fused focuses… expanding our awareness, physical resistance, or rebuilding community… – what community? Pass the poison cup, it’s a visit to Jonestown.

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