5 thoughts on “Arlington House, VA”

  1. Robert E. Lee made an error in judgment and he and half a million Americans paid for it.

    He just lost his house and land.

  2. I forget the Union general responsible for picking the site of the cemetery but IIRC he was from Virginia (not all from the South went for the Confederacy) and he picked this site to forever remind Robert E Lee of the consequences of his decision

    You walk though there – even today -a and you are struck by the solemnity and everywhere you turn you seem to recognize a name on a headstone – one not famous but the entire crew of a B17 stays in my mind….

  3. The name of the Union General was Montgomery Meigs. He was not a Virginian.

    Almost 500 Confederate graves are at the top of the hill surrounding the monument called “Virginia Mourning Her Dead.”

    If you go to the ceremonies near the monument on Confederate Memorial Day, you will be invited to stand and be honored if you served in any of the armed forces of the U.S.A.

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