Blog Ad Girl

I like our new blog-ad girl, to left. She is more cute than Gary Becker or even Hayek. She is shapely, what we can see of her, yet with a mature and intelligent visage. She seems like a woman who would not mock you to her friends if you enthusiastically talked about economics or even the RKBA. I think all of you ChicagoBoyz readers should respond to her kindly smile by buying a t-shirt. As an added bonus, I think Jonathan would get a few shekels from the transaction, which he can use to buy his pita bread and other scanty victuals, to keep body and soul together while he selflessly maintains this lovely blog.

9 thoughts on “Blog Ad Girl”

  1. Cuter than Hayek! How can you write such a thing. But yes, she is very attractive. Good enough reason for every ChicagoBoyz reader to click on the add and order a couple or ten shirts. And I say this from altruistic motives, since the only shekels I get are from the ad placement, not the clicks.

    BTW, any of you can run your own BlodAd for the equivalent of only 10 packages of pita per week. Cut down on the bread and you can get your message across and lose weight at the same time! It’s a great deal.

  2. She’s a hottie all right. Looks Middle Eastern too, or is that just my imagination?

    And I have to admit, I really like the sentiment of defiance expressed on the shirt.

  3. That’s a really great shirt — although as a guy, I’d hope there was a slightly different color arrangement available. The pink outline on the writing looks better on her, I’m afraid.

  4. Michael and James – agreed.

    Jay, I left it ambiguous on purpose. But for me it works for either.

    Jonathan, I think a little post right out on the blog about the cheapness and value of blog ads here might be merited. I didn’t realized they were so cheap. We may have a tiny readership in the grand scheme of things, but it is incredibly high quality.

  5. Maybe we could get a photo of her holding Bennett’s book, for the ad underneath. That might sell more copies

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