The hundred best movie bastards

The Chud movie website presents their list of the hundred best bastards in film.

The bastards are sub-categorized as ‘Asshole’, ‘Cad’ and ‘Role Model’. I for my own part don’t care much for assholes and cads, but everybody needs a role model. I was thinking about Rutger Hauer in The Hitcher or Michael Douglas in Wall Street. I’m not quite sure whom I should emulate, go with the money or hitch a ride:

Hauer, at his most placidly nutty, then decides to torment the young lad by killing everyone he comes in contact with and playing a lethal cat-and-mouse game across the desert. In his defense, there’s really not much else to do out there.

Make a killing at the stockmarket, or make a killing, period? Now that’s a tough call to make. I’ll have to think about that a while.

Either way, did anybody else find a new calling after reading that list?

6 thoughts on “The hundred best movie bastards”

  1. Where’s my BOURBON?

    I mean, what I meant to say is, shouldn’t Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper, “Blue Velvet”) be on the list?

    And then there’s Ronny “I had to kill Bob Morton because he made a mistake” Cox.

    Otherwise, great list. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Frank is beyond the category of “b*stard”. As one reviewer put it, every second he is on the screen you are bathed in fear. Psychotics are a different category. Still, Dennis Hoppper’s performance in that role is his masterpiece.

  3. Robert Mitchum week reminds me of Night of the Hunter? I’ve never seen Cape Fear, but will this week. He haunts long after the movie is gone.

  4. I hated Cape Fear. I found it to be powerful while I watched it, but I thought upon reflection that it was gratuitously violent and manipulative and that DeNiro’s extraordinary performance was wasted in the service of an unworthy movie. But, I look forward to your response to it.

  5. Sorry, Lex – if we go it will be to the Mitchum one. It has Gregory Peck, I think, being prickishly good and Mitchum being, well, bad.

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