More Competition for the MSM

Der Spiegel describes the weekly Al Quaida show:

The producers of “Voice of the Caliphate” have gone to great lengths to make the show look professional and to project the image that they are informed. A station-logo, sub-titles, and flashing text all appear on screen, as does the box — standardized by reputable news shows — above the anchorman’s shoulder displaying a picture to go with the news item being presented.

Of course, the repeated clips of suicide bombings & training camps, the announcer in a black mask with a Koran & rifle on the desk might mean the viewer wouldn’t confuse this with MSM. If that wasn’t a give-away, then referring to the behind-the-scenes workers as “God’s sword,” or the “Approaching Dawn” might be another clue.

2 thoughts on “More Competition for the MSM”

  1. Fans of the wonderfully-unbiased AlJazeera channel will now be able to watch Sir David Frost extol the virtues of whichever X-list celebrity can be exhumed for him to interview. This show will be sandwiched in between clips from that same “Al Quaeda Half-hour” where the supremely brave suicide-clones are shown blowing themseves sky-high along with as many innocents as can be caught in the blast!
    Some show!

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