Obama’s IRS Management Problem

The Obama administration has a huge “management problem” with its spin of the nakedly partisan and highly illegal IRS denial of Tea Party non-profit tax status. One that makes the IRS scandal an “on-going criminal conspiracy” in the RICO sense and places “Nixon offense” impeachment charges in Pres. Obama’s future.

This is the IRS Tea Party Case Timeline Courtesy of ABC News:


This is my list of the Cincinnati, Ohio and IRS HQ management positions involved in Tea Party cases by title, location and first date mentioned from the linked document.

1. Determinations Unit Group Manager (Ohio?) [1] — 1 Mar 2010
2. Acting Manager, Technical Unit [1] (Ohio) — 16 Mar 2010
3. New Acting Manager, Technical Unit [2] (Ohio) — 1 Apr 2010
4. Determinations Unit Program Manager (Ohio?) — 25 Apr 2010
5. Determinations Unit Area Manager (Ohio?)– 26 Oct 2010
6. Technical Unit manager (Ohio) — 16 Nov 2010
7. Senior Technical Advisor to the Director, EO (IRS Washington DC) — 13 Dec 2010
8. New Technical Unit Acting Manager [3] (Ohio) — Jan 2011
9. Acting Director, Rulings and Agreements [1] (IRS Washington DC) — 1 June 2011
10. Director, EO. (IRS Washington DC) — 29 June 2011
11. -Title or titles unknown- in EO function (IRS Washington DC) Headquarters office — 5 July 2011
12. IRS Chief Counsel (IRS Washington DC) — 4 Aug 2011
13. New Acting Director, Rulings and Agreements [2] (IRS Washington DC) — October 2011
14. New Acting Group Manager “of the team of specialists” (Ohio?) — March 2012
15. Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement (IRS Washington DC) — 8 Mar 2012
16. Senior Technical Advisor to the Acting Commissioner, Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division (IRS Washington DC) — 23 Mar 2012
17. Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement (IRS Washington DC) — 23 Mar 2012
18. Senior Technical Advisor to the Acting Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division Commissioner (IRS Washington DC) — 23 Apr 2012
19. Director, Rulings and Agreements (May be same as #10 above, IRS Washington DC)– 17 May 2012
20 -Title(s) Unknown- Quality Assurance Unit (Ohio?) — May 2012
21 -Title(s) Unknown- Operations Unit (Ohio?) — May 2012
22. New Acting Determinations Unit Group Manager [2] (Ohio) — 15 July 2012

In August March 2012 then IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman testified before Congress that the IRS was not harassing or making a special effort to deny Tea Party affiliated organizations their non-profit tax status. The above list either makes IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman a liar or a sock puppet for Obama administration IRS appointees who did lie. Douglas Shulman is going to need to lawyer up regardless.

The fact that there were, by my count three different “Manager, Technical Unit” and two “Determinations Unit Group Manager” in Cincinnati, Ohio involved over several years makes this Tea Party witch hunt anything but a “local IRS unit run amok.” This was an on-going criminal conspiracy involving IRS senior management over a matter of years.

A class action RICO lawsuit by the Tea Party against the IRS is very much on the table and the IRS won’t have sovereign immunity for “criminal actions taken under the color of law.” That point about federal government criminality was decided decades ago in various US Government high level nuclear waste dumping law suits before the Supreme Court.

Impeachment of President Obama for IRS-related “Nixon Offenses” is now on the table.

Note — This is the 3rd 4th Update of this post

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  1. Yes, I can just imagine Champ walking up and down the Oval Office, saying, “Who will rid me of these troublesome Tea Partiers!” and someone taking the hint.

  2. You haven’t even touched on the deliberate release of personal information by the IRS on people like Romney and other conservatives.

  3. Commentary Magazine, and the Z Street Jewish lobbying group, has had the same experience as the Tea Party. The Romney affiliated “National Organization of Marriage” has had it’s tax records leaked to the Press. Romney himself may have had his IRS tax records leaked to Sen. Harry Reid.

    Nothing short of prison time for the IRS managers involved will change IRS culture.

    If there are no Felony prosecutions, Obama is ratifying the IRS’ actions in the “Will no one rid me of this Priest” sense.

    Actions which Obama as President has repeatedly said the IRS should take since 2009.

    See these:




    Jail time for those IRS managers is Obama’s “Hair Shirt.”

    Without very large scale and very public criminal punishment of the IRS management officals involved, Obama’s speech -is- impeachable, given the actions IRS took and it’s past history under Democratic Presidents.

    Just ask Paula Jones and Baen books, which had five straight annual IRS audits after publishing book 1945 (@1995) for Newt Gingrich.

    At the 5th straight audit (AKA in 2001 after George W. Bush won the Presidency), and based on its appeal of the fourth audit, Baen petitioned and won from an IRS Tax judge a permanent injunction against further IRS audits without probable cause.

  4. Punishment of the guilty is dependent on several things:

    1) the willingness of a political Opposition to demand it.
    2) the willingness of the regime to submit to legal process.
    3) the willingness of the Opposition to not knuckle under if the regime refuses to submit.

    None of the three is at all likely, and it is not unreasonable at this point to begin considering the implications for the future if the regime gets away with this.

    Subotai Bahadur

  5. >>> This scandal is truly awful.

    Would that the media coverage agreed with you…

  6. Via Instapundit —

    Bay State Dems vow: ‘Hell to pay’ if IRS allegations ring true.

    Outraged Bay State Democrats are blasting President Obama for exhibiting a Nixonian abuse of power after the stunning news that the Department of Justice secretly obtained Associated Press phone records and the IRS targeted conservative groups — new scandals emerging against the backdrop of heightened Benghazi criticism.

    “There’s no way in the world I’m going to defend that. Hell, I spent my youth vilifying the Nixon administration for doing the same thing. If they did that, there should be hell to pay,” U.S. Rep. Michael E. Capuano (D-Somerville) said about the IRS scandal. “Not only is it bad government and bad to society, it is horrendous politics. The worst thing you can do is give your opponent an easy hammer with which to hit you.”

    “It doesn’t seem to be a couple rogue employees. This appeared to be a systemic issue,” said U.S. Rep. Stephen F. Lynch (D-South Boston), who wants to investigate the matter as a member of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. The committee already has scheduled a hearing on the issue for this week, Lynch said, adding, “No American should find themselves the target of the IRS or any other federal organization because of their political beliefs.”

    Both U.S. Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-Malden) and the GOP’s Gabriel Gomez, rivals in the Senate special election, slammed the administration’s actions, as new reports emerged yesterday that the Department of Justice seized two months’ worth of phone records from Associated Press reporters and editors.

  7. Add in “Fast & Furious,” plus the AP wire tap witch hunt, to Tom Holsinger’s “True the Vote” Brietbart link and you see the true extent of Obama’s “Brown Skirt” police state.

    Given the existence of the “Brown-Skirt Media arm” AKA the “Journ-O-List” supporting Obama, Subotai Bahadur’s comment sums up where we are headed.

    Obama looks like Hugo Chavez, and not Nixon, to me. We will soon see how many Democrats want to play Chavistas and not Americans.

    The crux point to watch is the 2014 senate races. A Republican controlled Senate in 2015 puts Impeachment on the table.

    We will know the “Brown Skirts” by their actions.

  8. Grurray – Thanks for the link to that NYT survey article, which I used in my own post comparing five presidents who have used the IRS against political opponents.

  9. Technocracy is impossible. If the American people wanted a good government which enforces equal laws, researches the laws’ effects and abolishes failed programs (the Federal Reserve, Head Start, Homeland Security…) , Romney, as bland a technocrat as can be imagined, would be President. Instead the majority of American voters are possessed by the furies and their hatred will fall upon their enemies and soak the ground with blood.

  10. “Nothing short of prison time for the IRS managers involved will change IRS culture.”

    What you are asking is clearly impossible. An institution of tyranny such as the IRS is incompatible with freedom.

    I do not wish to seem them resign. I do not wish to see them voted from office. I do not wish to see them retire. I do not wish to seem them prosecuted and imprisoned. I wish to see their heads picked up out of baskets. The consequences of tyranny must be made clear.

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