America 3.0: The Authors Receive Their Copies

Mr. Bennett and Mr. Lotus received their copies of America 3.0 yesterday.

It is was strange, in a good way, to hold the thing in my hand, after all this effort.

I went back and looked at some old emails, which contains lines like “I am staying here today and tonight until I am done with Ch.5,” or Jim saying “I am working through the weekend, pretty much. Will take a break Sunday for the Broncos-Chargers game.” One funny thing is that we thought we would not have enough words, but we ended up having plenty.

In any case, I can now swear on oath that I have seen it, it exists, and if you order one, it looks pretty good, it’s legible, and it feels nice in the hand.

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11 thoughts on “America 3.0: The Authors Receive Their Copies”

  1. It looks great, guys! Nothing beats having those first author copies in your hand. And it doesn’t get old with subsequent books, either. I remember taking the single author copy of the last book of the Trilogy out of the mailbox, and thinking, “Holy c**p, I wrote all that?!!”

  2. Congratulations, I look forward to seeing the film version, when’s it coming out? Who’s doing the casting?

  3. ” it looks pretty good, it’s legible, and it feels nice in the hand.” — Lex

    Feeling good in the hand, I know that feeling, and a main reason why I’m no fan of E-books.

  4. Ed, I’m glad you asked about the movie. We estimate the project cost at $100M. I hope you will follow up on your suggestion by making a leading investment in the $10M range. That would get us started on funding the movie and on raising the rest of the budget. We are currently thinking that Brad Pitt will play Jim Bennett, Leonardo DiCaprio will play Mike/Lex. We will have a time machine, which will be a two-seater version of the one in the George Pal version of The Time Machine. We go back in time and interview key players (Hengist and Horsa, Lord Coke, Benjamin Franklin, F.W. Maitland, Henry Bessemer, Henry Ford, Henry Kaiser, etc.), then go forward to 2040 to interview people from the future and go “ooh” and “ah” over the groovy future tech. Then we come back and write the book. There will be a love triangle where some currently popular shapely starlet is torn between her love for the two authors. She will be an intellectual who is initially drawn to our work, with her hair in a bun with dorky librarian glasses, but otherwise smokin’. We’ll find a way to work that in. It’s not actually in the book. This will allow a Maxim spread to promote the movie.

  5. Jason, agreed. Ebooks have their place, but real books have some advantages that they cannot replace.

  6. Mrs. Davis: Go to the Amazon page for the book, click on Look Inside, type the word — clad — into the box marked “search inside this book” and look in the “back matter” search result.

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