Illinois: Darkness Before the Dawn

Dan Proft tells it as ugly as it is:

“[T]he conspiracy to defraud taxpayers that is Illinois state government in its current form.”

Word, baby. Great post from Dan.

It doesn’t have to be this way. And it won’t be forever. The Combine is in its Brezhnev era. It is darkest before the dawn. Blades of grass will come through cracks in a seemingly limitless slab of cement.

Yes. Believe it. Help make it happen.

5 thoughts on “Illinois: Darkness Before the Dawn”

  1. I think the only thing that will break the Combine will be the state to go through total bankruptcy, and that will not be pretty for those of us left there who will be holding the bag when we hit the wall. The low information voters of Crook County will still keep on voting for whatever democrat sock puppet is running for whatever office. I dread the day the hungry hordes of locusts from Chicago come storming through the countryside of every county north of I80. Most of us will resist, but there will be too many of them.

  2. hordes of locusts from Chicago come storming through the countryside of every county north of I80. Most of us will resist

    how has the resistance gone so far?

    city lost 200,000 residents from 2000 – 2010

    most blacks moved to Lincoln Highway corridor, but many also headed out on I-90 and relocated in McHenry County doubling their population there.
    Latinos moved everywhere else.

    They’re now paying the same higher taxes as everyone else while watching their property values and incomes decline.
    The city is losing it’s demographic grip. Like it or not, the way they swing is going to go a long ways to determining how long the Combine lasts.

  3. I was more referring to when the fecal matter hits the rotary air moving device and starving chicago denizens swarm out to Will, DuPage, and all other counties……..

  4. I can’t remember when Chicago, and Illinois, politics were not corrupt. We used to drive down to my grandparents’ farm near Dwight. The state highways at that time had one paved lane and one that was gravel. My father told me that the governor had stolen the money appropriated to pave the highways and only paved one lane. For all I knew that was true.

    I remember when the toll road was being laid out around Chicago He told me that it wove its way around the state so that it would pass through every plot of land owned by state politicians. It does follow a tortuous course.

    In Chicago, when you wanted a friend to be admitted to Cook County Hospital, you called the alderman’s office. None of this going to the ER.

    My father knew Al Capone and other gangsters. They were part of the community. My mother told later that she was afraid somebody would shoot Danny Stanton while I was sitting on his lap. Fortunately, I was elsewhere when they did.

    Red Fawcett (see the link) was trying to become a partner of my father when he was shot.

    Nothing unusual for old Chicago.

  5. I saw a study a year or two ago by some left leaning think tank that considered Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota as three of the most corrupt states because they had small sized governments, which in their opinion made them vulnerable to corruption, even though they had very low levels of official corruption. Actual very corrupt states like Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Louisiana were not in the top ten most corrupt states because they had large state governments and get this, had the most officials in prison for corruption.

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