Saddam’s Trial Begins

Mohammed of Iraq the Model says: “We were watching an example of justice in the new Iraq, a place where no one should be denied his rights, not even Saddam.” RTWT.

(Via neo-neocon.)

I hope the trial goes well, in an orderly fashion, that witnesses have the courage to testify, that a good record is made, and that Saddam is put to death following a judgment on the merits.

6 thoughts on “Saddam’s Trial Begins”

  1. The commenter “Aristides” on one of the Belmont Club threads put it well:

    Iraqis should bring Saddam to justice. This does not, however, necessitate a trial.

  2. Poor Richard, Do you really want to feed that insatiable ego by demonstrating?

    (Yes, I know I am enabling thread hi-jacking.)

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