London Plants and Animals

The core of London always has been known for elaborate garden displays and open parks. However, we found these vibrant gardens in a small city square in Marylebone. May is a beautiful time to visit London as long as you don’t get rained on too much.

In Hyde Park they have a large amount of bird life that I’ve never seen before and the usual patrolling, angry swans. In this short vignette you can see a potential “Swans vs. Dachshund” battle averted as the little dogs beat a semi-hasty retreat.

They also had a beautiful grey heron perched on the rail of the bar facing Hyde Park. He had good colors which were a bit hard to make out from this iPhone photo at sunset.

The ducks geese were everywhere in the park, with a large variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

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  1. I know that the Canada gees have been driving municipalities along their migratory flyways in the eastern States absolutly bonkers – because they settle down and make a home around ponds and in golf-courses, and they stay! They stay, and stink and multiply, and apparently hunting the darned things is not permitted.

  2. They are a major pest here in N Illinois and everytime someone proposes letting the few goose hunters sround here get a few, PETA and their allies go nucking futs.

  3. Those are not Canadian geese. Canadiam geese have a black neck and head. These are Greylag geese or some form thereof.

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