London Architecture

London has some great architecture. I particularly like their habit of giving buildings funny nicknames. This one under construction with the bulge out the side is named the “Walkie Talkie” and the adjacent (smaller) building is famously called “The Gherkin“.

The River Thames cuts London into the North and South banks and it is lovely to walk alongside the river when the weather is nice. Here is a view from the North side and you can see “The Razor” off in the distance, with the three windmills at the top looking a bit like an electric razor. Not shown – “The Shard“.

This is “Exchange House” which has an interesting exo-skeleton type girder arrangement to hold up the interior of the building.

For more classic architecture here is a view of St. Paul’s Cathedral. On a minor note, I tried to catch the tube stop here at St. Paul’s during rush hour and two trains went by completely packed to the rafters before I gave up and went upstairs and caught a cab.

Here is a photo of Leadenhall Market, a beautiful semi-enclosed mall with shops and cheeses and the like.

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  1. The geology in London is good for tube lines, bad for skyscrapers. That’s why the skyscrapers are recent, and why Londoners who visited Edinburgh from the 16th century onwards were astonished at the heights of its blocks of flats.

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