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  • Supermoon!

    Posted by Jonathan on June 20th, 2013 (All posts by )

    This coming Sunday’s full moon will be a supermoon, a full moon that coincides with the moon’s closest passage of the year to the Earth. The moon will appear to be a bit bigger in the sky than it does at other times. Might be worth a look. Also could be a good time to go surfing.

    (I usually need to shave at least two or three times on a supermoon day but maybe that’s just me. If you have similar issues you might find this to be helpful, or in extreme cases one of these.)

    The so-called super moon -- a full moon on the date of the moon's closest annual approach to Earth -- as seen from the observation tower in the Shark Valley section of Everglades National Park, Florida on May 5, 2012. (©2012 Jonathan Gewirtz/

    Last year.


    6 Responses to “Supermoon!”

    1. Robert Schwartz Says:

      The Moon in all its splendor …

    2. PenGun Says:

      Some sweet sunsets in that set.

    3. Grurray Says:

      A midsummer super-moon no less-

      The lunatic, the lover and the poet…

    4. Will Says:

      Lycanthropy, now more than ever, not just a lifestyle…

    5. Jonathan Says:

      You’ve got my number.

    6. Joe Wooten Says:

      I wonder when the email about Mars making a close approach and looking bigger than the moon will start making the rounds again……