2 thoughts on “Sailing”

  1. Thank God for a topic that I’m interested in.

    This guy had the best of all worlds.

    Unless it was this guy.

    Then, of course, the original. Hayden was the top man on the Gertrude L Thebaud in the 1938 schooner race against the Bluenose. It was the last one and then he was “discovered” by Hollywood.

    I’ve been aboard Wander Bird, his ideal schooner, but not his. All that’s left of that one is this and this.

    Warwick Tompkins was the owner and skipper and was a convinced communist but quite a sailor. I raced against his son, Warwick Jr who was a legend in sailing. I think he is still alive and about my age but last I heard was cruising the south Pacific in a sailboat.

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