14 thoughts on “Have a Pleasant Weekend”

  1. Is that little lizard squashed flat? Why? They’re lovely little things. They eat flies and mind their own business.

  2. This little creature was going about its life and got caught by the power of a human being to slam a door shut. I don’t see what’s funny and I don’t see why the wish to “Have a nice weekend.”

  3. -I didn’t kill it.

    -I can’t bring it back to life.

    -The point is not to get so caught up in one’s workaday routine that one forgets to enjoy life. We don’t know when it will end. “Weekend” is, thus, a metaphor. Or maybe it’s synecdoche.

    Deja vu.

  4. How do you know the lizard had not stopped to smell the roses? Poor little thing! They are so sweet and untroublesome and they eat flies.

  5. Moira – I love that ack-ack (not click-click, in my opinion) noise! They have a voice that is about 25 times the size of themselves. You can wake up, with a clutch of fear, thinking there is a sqwawking hawk in your bedroom and turn on the light, and it’s just a silly little lizard sitting on the windowsill with its mouth hanging open.

    I think one reason I like lizards, apart from the fact that they do hoover up flies, is they are silly. If you have ever seen an iguana “run” you will still be leaning against the wall laughing. They have to twizel each foot around before they can take a step (as though you had to twizel your wrist around before you could strike a key on your computer, which is why they can’t run very fast. Add to this that they have to also twizel their eyes around (separately) looking for danger, and you will see that these little guys can’t go anywhere in a hurry. This is why I don’t like seeing triumphalism when one of these little primaeval creatures gets slammed shut in a door.

  6. I don’t think he intended to sound triumphant – and in fact he is a bit of a herpetologist. I hear you on the iguanas – mine used to run on two legs with a rapid waddle, very comical. They look much more coordinated while swimming, like crocs.

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