Mike Lotus Interviewed By Chuck Morse About America 3.0

Thank you to Chuck Morse for today’s interview. Chuck very graciously gave me almost an hour to talk about the book. We discussed the roots of America 2.0, and the transition to America 3.0. So, we got into the history, and how the future might play out. Chuck suggested that we would have a second conversation, and it would be terrific if that happens.

The audio is here.

4 thoughts on “Mike Lotus Interviewed By Chuck Morse About America 3.0”

  1. Lex, again, a really good interview. I share Chuck’s hope that major audience shows pick you up because this is a conversation that needs to be had. However, I share many of Chuck’s concerns.

    There’s a very large constituency, the Obama Voters I’ll call them, that are comprised as follows:
    1) The Dependency Class – those who expect ever more money while contributing nothing to society.
    2) The Enabler Class – those who believe that, if you only give people houses and money, they’ll evolve the traits of the middle class and become workers. That this rarely happens is simply evidence we haven’t given enough money (failure is rewarded).
    3) The Governing Class – Those who are employed by some strata of the government, or are funded by government agencies (State Dept, IRS, NASA, JPL, school systems, etc). Bigger government = bigger budgets.
    4) Special Interests – Unions, lobbyists, environmentalists, etc. Those whose votes are for sale to the politicians who will pander to their legal and funding desires.

    As Chuck pointed out, these people are not simply going to give up their hold on power. Your response, that we’re going to run out of money, is true. Everyone sees that, but not everyone sees the same solution. For the Obama Voters, lack of money can mean only one thing, taxes are not high enough. Take more from business, take more from people, just take more. Find a way. If a way is not found, there will be riots. See Greece. Maybe nationalization of industries. See Venezuela, for example.

    This is not going to be pretty. This is going to get very ugly, maybe very violent, before it gets better. But I agree, big, big changes are coming.

  2. Of course they won’t give up. They will try to double-down and keep the thing going. That will just accelerate its collapse.

    Their capacity to extract money from the productive parts of the community is going to diminish, for all kinds of reasons.

    Michael, you need to read the book.

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