Free Introductory Webinar Today: Lean Government – An Introduction, by Steve Elliott

Siera is devoted to teaching things that are steps along the way to America 3.0 (Bennett & Lotus). Delivery of efficient governmental services, in a way respectful of customers, is one of those steps.

On July 9, noon Denver time, we will offer, online, a free live introduction to a 10 webinar course on “Lean Government,” created by Steve Elliott, recently with the Boulder Country Treasurer’s Office (Colorado).

Steve is president of Constant Improvement Consulting, Inc. based in Longmont, Colorado. He has decades of experience in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors as a manager, business owner, trainer, and consultant.

He was instrumental in the creation and adoption of Colorado House Bill 11-1212, which officially made Colorado a Lean Government.

When Steve was at the Treasurer’s Office they returned tens of thousands of dollars to the County as a result of their lean management innovations.

Course description and information:

Please go to the above link at least 30 minutes before the start of the presentation. The registration procedure will take only a minute or two, and you will be sent a link to the presentation.

6 thoughts on “Free Introductory Webinar Today: Lean Government – An Introduction, by Steve Elliott”

  1. If you are interested in attending this free introduction please go to the page (above) at least 30 minutes ahead of time to register for the gotowebinar presentation.

  2. >>Officially made Colorado a Lean Government. <<

    Did it in fact make Colorado a lean government? And what was the budget that returned tens of thousands of dollars? If it was hundreds of thousands Bravo.

    Our problem isn’t we need to reform government by making it leaner, we need to return tens of Trillions created out of thin air by Fiat and it can’t be done. You can spend what doesn’t exist for a time if it’s accepted, you can’t create actual wealth to make it real.

    America 3.0 = (massive criminal conspiracy with tens of millions getting their existence great or small from said Control Fraud to loot the United States) + a series of miracles to rival or exceed the Second Coming = America 3.0.

    You are attempting to reform a Mafia.
    Good Luck.

    And Good Luck Colorado with your millions of new “citizens”, who are here for the check exclusively.

  3. You are right. Lean government will not solve the problem of massive crony capitalism. However, there is no reason that people in government should not attempt to do what they do with a minimum of waste. Steve’s effort was an honest one, and he did a lot of good while at the Treasurer’s Office. If you had been a contractor trying to build something and found that your permitting went from weeks to a few days you would be glad for the improvement.

    A lot of good small things can happen at once and can add up to a big good. Every bit helps.

  4. I won’t disagree that the gentleman accomplished something and made a worthy contribution. I’m sure he’s honest and a gentelman.

    But our problem isn’t effiency or mismanagement. It’s rampant corruption.

  5. Yes, There is a problem of rampant corruption. However, it’s not a “But” it’s an “And”.

    There are some good people working in government all over this country. Steve worked with a number of them at the Boulder County Treasurer’s Office. Because of a lean management program begun there costs have gone down and the quality of service has gone up.

    Steve’s program will not solve the problem of “rampant corruption,” but it will do good.

    Think “and” not “but” …

    There is no point in complaining about a good thing just because it doesn’t solve a major problem.

    Sort of like criticizing safety rules in a manufacturing company because they don’t cure cancer.

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