How to stop the Executive from running out the scandal clock

This Politico story on Benghazi led me to consider the question of what would need to be in place to stop the “we need you to stop talking about this until everyone forgets” strategy.

Early on while everybody is still upset in the first flush of outrage, the executive branch needs to give a time estimate of how long it is going to take to get to the bottom of it all and once they blow that deadline, a critical mass of ordinary people need to have that come up as sort of a reminder. The blowing of the deadline should be its own, separate scandal. Congress should organize hearings at the deadline so that when the administration blows it, they can get as much information as has been learned since then, monitor the resources and energy placed in the scandal to determine if they’re slow walking the thing, and get a better date.

6 thoughts on “How to stop the Executive from running out the scandal clock”

  1. That has always been his strategy. Hijack the current scandal with something else knowing the complicit media will give him a pass.

    I have said this many times. Obama could run over a family of four in the crosswalk= and the discussion would be those idiot pedestrians and what in the hell were they doing in the crosswalk?

  2. I’m as baffled as you are, by the way that the lapdog media gives him cover, over and over and over again. I think one of the regular commenters that I see at Belmont Club (and a couple of other places on the CB blogroll) has adopted the drip-drip-drip method. All comments are ended with “Remember Benghazi!” Sort of like Cato the Elder – and “Carthage must be destroyed.”
    Maybe we have to keep pounding away on it, in every arena – to the point of being tiresome.

  3. I don’t even mind (so much) their pimping for Obama if we get reforms out of it so it never happens again. I fear that we won’t. The large majority of voters have computing power sufficient to keep track of more scandals than the politicians have the capacity to create so why don’t we have software to do that job?

  4. It’s not a scandal. Well for the right wing, it’s part of their politics as warfare schtick. An extremely stupid thing to do in the first place.

    See children … POLITICS … WARFARE … not the same … wanders off muttering.

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