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  1. I had a miniature pincer that was smaller than that dog and she liked to chase deer. Now she had to surprise them or they would not run. It was hilarious to watch this tiny thing sneak up on the deer, I often had 5 or 6 eating my blackberries, then burst out barking and chase them … well not far.

  2. Tell me about it – we collected a terrier with wire-hair blood (in the estimation of the veterinarian) from the streets two months ago, and not only is he very clever, but very nimble, too. He thinks he’s a cat, and climbs up to the top of the cat tree. The cats apparently think he is some kind of ‘tard and his mama dresses him funny, but the younger and more open-minded of them do deign to play with him.

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with protecting your dog’s feet from hot asphalt. All the Iditarod dogs wear booties to protect their feet from the cold and ice crystals which can cause irritation when jammed between their pads.

  4. I think he might be even too small for Winston to bark at. There are some dachshunds up the hill that raise hell when we walk by and W doesn’t even pay attention.

  5. PenGun – your wacky, insane, completely nonsensical wildlife stories crack me up every time. I mean it takes a lot for me to laugh out loud, and that one about a dog sneaking up on a deer along with you chasing cougars away with sticks have elicited the two loudest laughs from me in the last decade. My wife wonders what is wrong with me and I show her your bullsh1t and she laughs along. So you are good for something.

  6. Just another spoiled city pooch. Although let him be able to run free on a farm will have him chasing squirrels, coons, and deer very soon.

    And tangling with a skunk or three. I am truly shocked our German Shepherd/Collie mix mutt has not gotten skunked yet and we’ve had him 3 years now.

  7. Looks like a Wire Fox Terrier (a.k.a. Wild Fox Terrorist) that I had. Pretty sure it’s a puppy or puppyish.

  8. Joe, a friend of mine told me of a ranching family who had a Shi Tzu who did very well as a farm dog; Tough and fearless around cattle and horses – but they kept its coat close-clipped.

  9. ” it does look like a dye job. Sigh.”

    clicked the picture, enlarged, definitely little booties with elastic tops (better than a dye job, anyway)

  10. To borrow a line from Norm McDonald, talking about his dachshund wearing a sweater his mother got for it, “Those are mean streets if you’re a wiener dog in a cardigan.”

  11. Yeah Dan.

    I know we have a family of skunks because I’ve seen the mama and her brood at least twice a week. Indy would think of them as another kitty cat to play with and run up to greet them if he ever saw them. For that goofy mutt, a stranger is just a friend he has not met yet……

  12. Sgt. Mom,

    A friend of mine in Texas has a standard poodle who makes a good farm dog too. They’re actually pretty good huting dogs, or at least this one is…..

  13. Standard poodles are fantastic dogs – and they were originally destined as hunting dogs, rather like Labrador retrievers were. When they began miniaturizing them, and giving them stupid haircuts – that’s when everyone forgot about their finer qualities.

  14. I think the poodle (which is a German dog in origins – even mentioned in Goethe’s Faust, started getting what became the haircut by hunters – cutting their fur so it would be easier going in the brush

    Like most breeds IMO he AKC’s recogniotion, and public popularity, does a breed no good.

    The German Shepard is ruined in the US – likewise smaller-than-standard poodles, Rottweiler, etc…


  15. But does anyone know where I can get one of those good huting dogs? I don’t hunt, but I love a good hute now and then…

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