Just a Brief Note

I’ve put together some posts from my various archives …
… into an eBook, Westering Wagons and Other Frontier Legends, which just went live on Amazon and on Barnes and Noble

The essays focus on the frontier generally – incidents and persons, some well-known enough to have movies made from them, and some who ought to have been – but all collected in one handy omnibus volume.

Earlier this spring, I had done the same with a number of essays written about Texas – The Heart of Texas

Some of them have been posted here, but others were so deeply buried in archives at The Daily Brief that probably I was the only person who could find them. The Heart of Texas is also available on Kindle, and Nook.

6 thoughts on “Just a Brief Note”

  1. Mom,
    Finished both and couldn’t stop. Love the evident research, your writing style and perspective, the short story format and the overlapping characters and events. I feel I know much more about the foundations and 19th century history of my Texas home. Thanks for the post, now I have to start reading your other work.


  2. I didn’t – but I knew about the hangings; ran across it when researching the horrors during the Civil War. The victims were from Georgetown, north of Austin. One man at least was carrying a lot of money, and apparently intending to go to Mexico to purchase cattle to re-stock his ranch, while on leave from the Confederate Army. It was the money which excited the envy of the state troops from Camp Verde who arrested them. At that point in the war, the whole area had become pretty lawless.

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