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  • Mark Steyn on Iran

    Posted by Jonathan on December 15th, 2005 (All posts by )

    My thoughts exactly.


    2 Responses to “Mark Steyn on Iran”

    1. Ginny Says:

      Ignoring Hitler’s Mein Kampf and bin Laden’s 1998 fatwa worked so well.

      It’s best to assume people mean what they say (after an irony check). We don’t want to – especially when what they say seems unbelievable and unthinkable, but the Iranians aren’t strong on irony. If it is said, it has certainly been thought. Orwell observes: To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.

      Krauthammer on Fox didn’t blink and described the weapons parades of Iran – complete with anti-Israel banners.

    2. Save The GOP Says:

      Mark Steyn on Iran

      Good news! On Thursday, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, who recently called for Israel to be wiped off the map, moderated his position. In a spirit of statesmanlike compromise, he now wants Israel wiped off the map of the Middle East and w…