Geitner Simmons

Geitner Simmons posts erratically & so often slips off my radar. But his curiosity takes him to interesting places; clearly his lack of posting isn’t because he isn’t thinking. (The dilemma: does posting make us think or distract us? And what about reading blogs?)

Over the last month or so, Simmons has posted about Kaplan’s two interviews (with AEI & Hewitt) in “Foreign policy directed by majors and lieutenants.” He also notes how differently massacres of innocents were viewed in 1957 & now in “Intellectuals and Massacres.” On a more regional note, he looks at “Buffalo Bones Along the Trail”, discussing the strange (but telling) rumors & fears of those taking the often dangerous Platte routes West. And, reaching California, he contrasts the garish & assertive post Gold Rush architecture with the more “humble” 1840’s.

Simmons discussed Marsden’s wonderful Jonathan Edwards a few years ago, for which I have been long thankful and he pushes Nebraska press books with the fervency of a transplant. He may be MSM but his sympathies are not easily pigeonholed.

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  1. Geitner Simmons is posting intermintently because he’s at work on a book – US history, I believe.

    It’s true: his alliances are not casually determined. Counter-revisionist New western, perhaps?

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