Interesting New Thing

…I guess you could call it a “blog,” but with some interesting twists: Jotzel is intended to provide a forum for business news and business-related discussions. Any registered member can submit a post, but it will be activated only when a sufficient number of other registered members vote positively on it. It’s kind of like a blog carnival, but with continuous rather than periodic posting, and with distributed rather than centralized administration. I think it has a lot of potential if it can achieve a critical mass of participants.

4 thoughts on “Interesting New Thing”

  1. Jotzel says a timeline allows you to follow Kraft “as they grow” “to today”. Kraft in recent years, adjusted for inflation, is arguably not growing – in an absolute sense or relative to other food and consumer product companies. Kraft is a beverage company, yet Kraft completely missed the bottled water industry. Why? Danone and Nestle did not miss bottled water. Neither did Pepsi.

    Writing inaccurate things does no one any good.

    I hope this post motivates Kraft and others to make this post look stupid.

  2. because the site makes me register and have an account, and i am tired of accounts. at this point, i prefer blogs that do not require people to register. this may change in the future.

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