Excerpt from America 3.0 on the American Family on Real Clear Religion

Please take a look at a piece by me entitled How to Revive the American Family appeared today in the Real Clear Religion, on the Real Clear Politics page. It is based on an excerpt from America 3.0.

In our book, we speculate about politics, economics and technology in the years ahead. We did not try to predict religious revivals or re-awakenings. Such events do occur in history, and they have fundamentally reshaped the world, but they are impossible to predict. The appearance of great religious leaders, of saintly men and women, of the Holy Spirit moving people in new ways, appear on a schedule, and follow a logic, that only God can understand.
Nonetheless, the historical record does give one hint: Major religious movements often happen at times of social upheaval. The United States is now embarking on a period of massive and transformative change. Old ways of life will be uprooted, and some of the changes will be wrenching. People will need to look within themselves, and outward to God, for the strength to adapt and to build a new and better America for themselves and their families.

Thanks to Real Clear Religion for publishing this piece.

3 thoughts on “Excerpt from America 3.0 on the American Family on Real Clear Religion”

  1. Lex’s RCR piece is well worth reading. It provides a short, clear argument for the importance of A3.0 themes in our current politics. It’s aimed mainly at libertarians and conservatives but should be of interest to public-spirited leftists as well.

  2. I once joked–around here maybe–that people interested in families should have little coffee klatched to introduce people. You all need to get in touch with your inner match-maker :)

    Gay marriage (which I support) can also be a part of this process if it continues certain forms of the nuclear family in civil life, if it continues places value on the concept of marriage.

  3. Oh, as usual I didn’t “spell” out my thinking. Instead of looking to government or the courts, be more involved in creating civil society organizations, that was the point I was trying to make. This includes an active and enthusiastic participation in the creation of arts, literature, movies, books. Not as propaganda but to create beauty that will naturally carry certain cultural and emotional elements with it.

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