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  1. On that note…

    This is a good argument for breaking up the National Parks Service. The parks should be distributed to the care of the states in which they reside. The NPS and the Federalies have demonstrated they can’t be trusted to administer the American people’s inheritance with fairness and wisdom. They have forfeited their claim as administrators. Close them down. It will also serve as a warning to future government agencies what the wages of participating in tyranny against their own people will be.

  2. What Mike H. said. Turn it back to the states where they are, to administer. There are only a handful of national parks in Texas – most of the nice ones are state parks, and they do very well. I did a post for one of my local blog employers this last weekend, about our trek down the Mission Reach of the San Antonio (Extended Riverwalk) — basically a city park. (Which they have lavished a good deal of our tax money on, which I do not regret a single penny of, BTW.) The local realtor who pays me for producing blog content jestingly asked if I had run into any Barrycades along the way, since a couple of the historic missions which the river park connects are indeed, federal parks. I hadn’t, of course – we didn’t hike that far. The thing is – the two missions involved are also active neighborhood churches under authority of the local diocese.
    Should King Barry and his NPS minions try and shut them down … the battle will be positively epic.
    I’ll make popcorn.

  3. See my moms the nice one…I’m inclined to be more of an anarchist in regards to what I would do if I can across some barrycades in my fair city…..I find the nearest VA Hall, grab a retired SeaBee and have the barrycade welded shut around a NPS vehicle. Or if they were cones I would just buy some gorilla glue and start gluing cones to NPS cars. My mother really is the nicer one…she’d post my bail.

  4. The time has come to eliminate the national park service, to terminate all the employees with extreme prejudice and sell off the parks. Further we need a constitutional amendment prohibitting the Federal government from owning land.

    My people are upset.

  5. The reason that these parks got transferred to the federal government in the first place is because the previous private entities or states were mishandling the parks in various ways and the feds were considered a more competent management option. Now that is out the window so perhaps what should be done is to set up a sort of competition, legislation that facilitates state, federal, or private management whenever present management fouls up. Sorting out what is the relevant electorate would be an interesting exercise and what percentage of that would be necessary for a successful petition but that’s certainly within the realm of the possible.

    Parks shifting from state to federal control would be a sign of bad governance in a state and having them shift en masse back would be a big black mark on the reputation of the federal government. Now if parks go private, that would really be interesting times.

  6. Jezzy Says:
    October 9th, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    Access to retired SeaBees and/or welding equipment may not be convenient. However yesterday I read a post to the effect that there are orange traffic cones available everywhere [for purchase at department and hardware stores, not theft]. Simon Jester might be inclined to place them in inconvenient [to the Federales] places with appropriate signage. Bad Simon. Bad, bad Simon.


    Subotai Bahadur

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