3 thoughts on “Bamiyan Buddhas in Seattle”

  1. The comment filter is intended to block words and phrases that are frequently contained in spam, not to block ideas and not (with a very few exceptions, and this is not one of them) to block words that I prefer not to see on the blog. I have removed “pissing” from the blacklist, and will not add it again unless (probably until) we receive another spam bombardment featuring this otherwise-useful word.

  2. Ginny, thank you for bringing this back around. Forgive me if I still sound passionate about it but as a Seattle artist I took this act of cowardice personally even though, ultimately, it is Kurt’s fight. I just thought it was way too early in the game to throw in the towel. But the years following this have confirmed for me that 1) the wider art community is in no way prepared to defend their own against even the demi-scintilla of a whiff of jihad Islam and 2) hey, bashing Bush is where it’s at, baby – safe, cost-free and no repercussions to boot – wheee! 3) Cowards, cowards all, American artists.

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