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  1. That is very practical in Paris. In southern California, not so much. My daughter bought one years ago and I don’t think she even knows where it is anymore.

  2. Yeah, they’re wonderful in the rain. :-P

    Nothing like a rainstorm wearing a suit and tie. ;-)

    I’ve never driven in Cali, but I gather it has two speeds, 90mph and creeping crawl, neither of which strike me as suitable for a Vespa. Also, isn’t it generally not less than 20 miles to anywhere? And with the codicil that I’ve also never driven a Vespa, they seem like great things in a medium to small college town, but not a large urban sprawl like Cali or NYC proper.

    I’m open to anyone disputing those impressions, however.

  3. This was spotted in the parking lot of the Quarry Market in San Antonio, in front of the Whole Foods grocery store. If there is an epicenter of yuppie douchbaggery in this part of Texas, that location would be it. (We were there for the Sunday Farmers and Ranchers Market – not that we actually bought anything. I wanted pictures for a blog that I get paid to do entries for.)

    Maybe the owner was visiting from Austin …

  4. “Nothing like a rainstorm wearing a suit and tie. ;-)”

    That is why you wear your army surplus parka over your suit.

  5. Ir you can find an old (50s) Vespa those have become collectors items – they are even making the new ones to look “retro”.

    Personally if you are going to buzz around on 2 wheels I’d like some horse power. I see people with these things and knowing how people drive I’d want at least some power – that plus maneuverability are your only 2 defenses.

    But I will have to say they look chic. I can see Sophia or Audrey on one today.

  6. Sgt Mom – I was at the SPCA Thrift store today and saw something that went right to this post.

    An authentic 1950s era Vespa calendar – only it has wheels for the days/month – if it had been for sale I would have bought it for you but alas, it was on their wall.

    Here is a sample of one of their more conventional calendars – I guess Vespa was as famous as Pirelli for calendars (political correctness killed the Pirelli calendar)


  7. One of my favorite posters was Bill Buckley on his scooter in downtown NYC, his tie flapping over his shoulder and grim determination on his face.


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