Chicago Boyz Reader Survey Results

Here are the results to date. I cleaned them up as best I could, but you should still interpret the data with a skeptical eye. At the least there are probably a few duplicate responses. Unfortunately the formatting below is not very good, but it’s not difficult to understand the answers once you get the pattern. Note that free-form answers are generally listed under “other.”

The results are interesting and should help us to improve the blog. Thanks to all who participated, and particularly to those respondents who left kind remarks.

I will leave the survey running for as long as it continues to accumulate responses.

ChicagoBoyz Reader Survey
Date: 2/15/2006

Total number of responses collected: 169

Q1_1 ( ): Your age?

(Respondents were limited to brief text responses)
Frequency Count
22 1.2% 2
23 2.4% 4
24 3.6% 6
25 1.2% 2
26 1.8% 3
27 1.8% 3
28 3.0% 5
29 3.0% 5
30 3.6% 6
31 1.2% 2
32 1.8% 3
33 2.4% 4
34 3.0% 5
35 1.8% 3
36 3.0% 5
37 2.4% 4
38 2.4% 4
39 1.2% 2
40 1.2% 2
41 1.8% 3
43 5.9% 10
44 2.4% 4
45 3.0% 5
46 1.2% 2
47 4.7% 8
48 2.4% 4
49 1.2% 2
50 2.4% 4
51 2.4% 4
52 1.8% 3
53 1.2% 2
55 1.8% 3
56 4.1% 7
57 3.0% 5
58 2.4% 4
60 3.6% 6
61 1.2% 2
62 1.2% 2
63 1.2% 2
64 1.2% 2
65 2.4% 4
68 1.2% 2
Other Responses 5.3% 9
Valid Responses 169
Total Responses 169

Q2: Your sex?

(Respondents could only choose a single response)
Frequency Count
M 88.2% 149
F 11.8% 20
Valid Responses 169
Total Responses 169

Q3: Where do you live?

(Respondents could only choose a single response)
Frequency Count
USA 84.6% 143
Canada 2.4% 4
UK 2.4% 4
Oz 0.6% 1
France 1.2% 2
Germany 1.8% 3
Elsewhere: 7.1% 12
Valid Responses 169
Total Responses 169

Q4: Your religion?

(Respondents could only choose a single response)
Frequency Count
Christianity (Protestant) 35.5% 60
Christianity (Roman Catholic) 24.3% 41
Christianity (other) 5.3% 9
Judaism 2.4% 4
Islam 0.6% 1
Other: 6.5% 11
   generic Christianity
   Fundamentalist Atheism
   Was neo-pagan, now just tired
   Deist, with a bias towards Christianity
   agnostic (from nominally Catholic family)
None 25.4% 43
Valid Responses 169
Total Responses 169

Q5: How religiously observant are you?

(Respondents could only choose a single response)
Frequency Count
Not at all. 37.5% 63
Only on rare occasions. 23.8% 40
On holidays. 6.0% 10
Moderately observant; religion is a frequent and important part of my life. 21.4% 36
Highly observant; I try to observe the rules and traditions of my faith to the extent possible. 11.3% 19
Not Answered 1
Valid Responses 168
Total Responses 169

Q6: The area of your principal occupation?

(Respondents could only choose a single response)
Frequency Count
The Arts 1.8% 3
Academia 8.9% 15
Banking/Finance/Trading 9.5% 16
Law 10.7% 18
Computers/Networks/Software 23.1% 39
Journalism (non-blog) 1.8% 3
Blogging 0.0% 0
Military 2.4% 4
Government (nonmilitary) 4.1% 7
Politics 0.0% 0
Internet Schemes 0.0% 0
Entrepreneurship 2.4% 4
Manufacturing 6.5% 11
Personal Services 1.8% 3
Fulltime Parenting 1.2% 2
Retired 9.5% 16
Other: 16.0% 27
   self-employed (Entreprenurship?)
   law student
   Energy Services
   Electronics Engineering
   College student
   Education, non-academia
   Sales – political non-profit org
   secretary studying journalism
   Graphic Design
Unemployed 0.6% 1
Valid Responses 169
Total Responses 169

Q7: Have you served in the US military?

(Respondents could only choose a single response)
Frequency Count
Yes 17.2% 29
No 66.3% 112
Not applicable, due to age, citizenship/immigration status, health or other disqualification. 16.6% 28
Valid Responses 169
Total Responses 169

Q8: How active are you in politics? (Check the highest level of political involvement that applies.)

(Respondents could only choose a single response)
Frequency Count
Not at all: I don’t pay much if any attention and don’t vote. 0.0% 0
I vote in some elections but only if it’s convenient to do so. 1.2% 2
I only vote in elections that feature issues that are particularly important to me. 4.7% 8
I always vote in national elections and sometimes in state/local (outside the USA: regional/local) elections. 18.3% 31
I always vote in state/local elections and sometimes in national elections. 1.2% 2
I vote in every election for which I am eligible to vote. 52.7% 89
I vote and I am active in politics–either on behalf of local issues and organizations or for the local branches of my state and national party apparatus. 4.1% 7
I am active in state and/or national politics. 1.2% 2
I work or have worked as a local party official (e.g., precinct captain). 3.6% 6
I am running or have run for elected office. 0.6% 1
I hold or have held elected office. 0.0% 0
I am serving or have served as an elected official and am running or intend to run for a higher office (e.g., from a county or municipal office to Congress). 0.6% 1
I follow politics closely, as a matter of self-preservation, but do not participate beyond occasional defensive voting, and generally find political activities to be distasteful. 9.5% 16
None of the above: I avoid politics because I am not a citizen or am otherwise disqualified from participating. 1.2% 2
None of the above: I live in a dictatorship. 1.2% 2
Valid Responses 169
Total Responses 169

Q9: How much time do you spend each week on the Internet?

(Respondents could only choose a single response)
Frequency Count
1 hour or less. (ha) 0.0% 0
Between 1 and 5 hours. 4.7% 8
6-10 hours. 15.4% 26
11-20 hours. 36.1% 61
21-40 hours. 27.8% 47
Almost all the time, if you must know the truth. 16.0% 27
Valid Responses 169
Total Responses 169

Q10: Approximately how many different blogs do you visit in the course of a week?

(Respondents could only choose a single response)
Frequency Count
I only read Chicago Boyz! 0.0% 0
2 to 5 blogs. 9.6% 16
6 to 15 blogs. 34.1% 57
16 to 30 blogs. 34.7% 58
More than 30 blogs. 21.6% 36
Not Answered 2
Valid Responses 167
Total Responses 169

Q11: Do you have a blog?

(Respondents could only choose a single response)
Frequency Count
Y 25.1% 42
N 74.9% 125
Not Answered 2
Valid Responses 167
Total Responses 169

Q12: How long have you been reading Chicago Boyz?

(Respondents could only choose a single response)
Frequency Count
I just got here. 2.4% 4
Less than 1 month. 3.0% 5
Between 1 and 3 months. 4.1% 7
Between 3 months and 1 year. 27.2% 46
More than 1 year. 63.3% 107
Valid Responses 169
Total Responses 169

Q13: What are your favorite Chicago Boyz discussion topics? (Check all that apply.)

(Respondents were allowed to choose multiple responses)
Frequency Count
Books 34.9% 59
Movies 14.8% 25
Military History 65.1% 110
Political History 68.6% 116
General History 52.7% 89
Anglosphere 52.1% 88
Economics 68.6% 116
Business/Finance 33.7% 57
Blogging 8.9% 15
WOT 35.5% 60
US Politics 58.0% 98
International Politics 55.0% 93
Science/Tech 39.1% 66
The Arts 14.8% 25
Music (even Lex’s girly bands) 8.3% 14
Europe/EU 39.1% 66
China 28.4% 48
Middle East 38.5% 65
Education/Universities 23.7% 40
Religion 21.9% 37
Sci Fi 21.9% 37
Photography 16.6% 28
Humor 26.0% 44
Political Philosophy 46.2% 78
Religion 15.4% 26
Architecture and Design 11.2% 19
Customer-Service Rants 7.7% 13
Other: 6.5% 11
   I like them all, but what’s “WOT”?
   Religion for a third time
   Book recs by Lex!
   security (personal and otherwise)
   Flying cars
   not sure yet
   Just about everything y’all write!
   Anything Shannon writes
   Ginny’s essays
   Anything with Thomas PM Barnett
   “big picture stuff” of any sort
Other: 0.6% 1
  civil liberties
Other: 0.6% 1
  freedom of speech
Valid Responses 169
Total Responses 169

Q14_1 (Yes:): Are there any topics that you’d like us to discuss less?

(Respondents were limited to brief text responses)
Frequency Count
98.2% 166
Other Responses 1.8% 3
   free speech
   Lex’s Girly Bands
Valid Responses 169
Total Responses 169

Q14_2 (and also:): Are there any topics that you’d like us to discuss less?

(Respondents were limited to brief text responses)
Frequency Count
99.4% 168
Other Responses 0.6% 1
Valid Responses 169
Total Responses 169

Q14_3 (not to mention:): Are there any topics that you’d like us to discuss less?

(Respondents were limited to brief text responses)
Frequency Count
99.4% 168
Other Responses 0.6% 1
Valid Responses 169
Total Responses 169

Q15: Are you a dog person or a cat person?

(Respondents could only choose a single response)
Frequency Count
Yes 59.6% 99
No/WTF 26.5% 44
I don’t eat meat. 3.6% 6
It’s just me and my computer. 10.2% 17
Not Answered 3
Valid Responses 166
Total Responses 169

Q16: How did you first learn about Chicago Boyz?

(Respondents could only choose a single response)
Frequency Count
From a link at another blog: 25.4% 43
   One Hand clapping
   Thomas Sowell
   asymmetric information
   don’t remember which!
   Photon Courier
   Adam Smith Institute
   kudlow & co
   Hit & Run
   EU referendum
   Daily Ablution
From a link at another blog (don’t remember which blog). 48.5% 82
From a link in a non-blog online article or publication. 0.0% 0
From a search via Google or other search engine. 3.0% 5
From someone I know. 7.7% 13
From a source not listed above: 1.8% 3
   Looking for Steven Den Beste comments/posts
   Lex saw my blog and introduced me to Chicago Boyz
Don’t remember. 13.6% 23
Valid Responses 169
Total Responses 169

Q17: Which of the following labels most closely matches your political philosophy?

(Respondents could only choose a single response)
Frequency Count
Wobbly 0.0% 0
Socialist 0.0% 0
Democratic Socialist 0.0% 0
Religious Socialist 0.0% 0
(Wo)Man of the Left 0.0% 0
Liberal (i.e., “left of center” as in current American usage) 1.8% 3
Liberal (except on defense and foreign policy) 0.0% 0
Communitarian 0.6% 1
Apolitical 0.6% 1
Moderate 3.6% 6
Economic Conservative + Social Liberal 8.3% 14
Northeastern USA Moderate Republican 2.4% 4
Conservative 17.9% 30
Tory 0.0% 0
Cultural Conservative 1.2% 2
Religious Conservative 1.8% 3
Southern/Jacksonian Conservative 3.6% 6
Cultural Conservative + Economic Dirigiste 0.0% 0
Whig 2.4% 4
Libertarian 4.8% 8
Libertarian (except on foreign and defense policy) 13.1% 22
Libertarian Conservative 22.0% 37
Libertarian Techno-Optimist 3.6% 6
Gun Libertarian 1.8% 3
Drug Libertarian 0.6% 1
Populist 0.0% 0
Rightist 0.6% 1
Jacksonian 3.6% 6
Other: 6.0% 10
   damned if I know, Jacksonian Consv. may be close, not sure.
   Jeffersonian libertarian
   several of the above apply
   No one label fits
   to the Right of Attila the Hun
   Was a democrat, then 9/11 and reality struck (plus, the Demos are off in the weeds)
   Observer of history
   Hayekian “liberal”
Not Answered 1
Valid Responses 168
Total Responses 169

Q18: Any suggestions for how to improve the Chicago Boyz blog (layout, content, anything)?
   More pictures of pretty girls in the margin wouldn’t hurt.
   Clean house on your blogroll.
   Laayout not particularly attractive.same with lettering.Who are those pictures at the top of?Why are they there?Maaybe some colour.
   Better coverage of the Miss Belgium contest.
   None at the moment, the Boyz are allright!
   I love thisa blog.
   Get people to use that entended post option more often so I don’t have to do as much scrolling on the front page to see all the recent posts.
   hae to read more
   love it. nice change from most others i frequent. thank you
   borders on blog ads so i know where one starts and others begin more navigation to recent and best ever posts.
   Keep up the good work. You are bookmarked.
   I generally enjoy the longer articles on your blog. It may look better if you posted the whole article, with no ‘link to the rest’.
   Shannon, Lex, and a few others need to post more.
   Comment spam filter seems a little anal sometimes (oops, can I say that?)
   No. I like it fine.
   Is there actually a way to join?
   Suggestion 1: How about a groovy, 60’s, surfer-party kinda theme? You know, with little surf board shaped buttons for links, pictures of Frankie and Annette hangin’ out near a ’49 Ford Woodie and a Jan & Dean tribute page. Suggestion 2: Using the name Chicago Boyz as a takeoff point, how about a gangsta rap theme? Replace the photos at the top with photos of Tupac Shakur, Ice-T, the whole crew. All posts and comments would need to phrased in gangsta speech or face deletion. Ooohh-oohh, and how about this, when the homepage is first opened have a deep voice say ‘Yo!Whadup dog? Woof.’ Suggestion 3: How about a medieval cathedral theme? Put the photos in the banner inside little pointed gothic windows forming a clerestory of libertarian saints. Little halos could be airbrushed around their heads as well. Posts would appear in illumnated manuscript form for effect. Medieval meditation chants playing softly in the background are an option. Suggestion 4: How about a scary theme? Skull shaped link buttons, bats flying randomly across the screen, and a mouseover effect on the banner photos that turns them into vampires or skeletons or green zombies! A Bach organ concerto for background music.
   Instead of having the extended entry go to another page, can you get it to just snap to (like Winds of Change)?
   still discovering your blog, too early to tell
   If it’s possible to give some of the most prolific contributors their own page of listed posts. It’s just tough on the eyes, when trying to find a specific one, to scroll through what must be a thousand posts among all the writers.
   Keep up the good work!
   Although I indicated what topics on ChicagoBoyz I most enjoy, really, I enjoy everything and am happy that you post on a wide variety of topics.
   I’ll have to get back to you on this. ;-) Oh, wait – that Intrade thing constantly refreshing itself while I leave a CB post open in another FF tab drives me crazy!!
   Not a suggestion; just a word of thanks for the role you and other bloggers play in fascilitating the spreading of the truth. This is so very critical to the future of freedom, and if it wasn’t for bloggers, talk radio, and a few television outlets, we would be left to rely on a totally unreliable main stream media. God bless your efforts.

Q19: Any questions you would like to see on future Chicago Boyz surveys?
   Who’s most important/interesting thinker in the last 100 years, in the last decade and, last 100 years? (No repetition in selections, please)
   Find the question that IDs me as somewhat culturaly conservative, some libertarian leanings (but find the purists and drug libertarians amusing), and believe in a national and personal right to self-defence and the pursuit, within legalistic and ethical limits, of self interest.
   Who is your favorite Miss Belgium, ever?
   Ask us who our fav contributers are. Or on 2nd thought maybe not. It could hurt feelings.
   have to read more
   are there sex-positive conservatives or are there rest of you prudes ?
   am I hot or not = )
   why do you keep coming back to Chicago Boyz? who are your favorite contributors? why do / don’t you comment?
   What do you think of Islam?
   Which label best describes your outlook on reader surveys? * I am the type of person who answers reader surveys. * I am NOT the type of person who answers reader surveys.
   Optimus Prime or He Man?
   Nah, they’re for you, aren’t they?

8 thoughts on “Chicago Boyz Reader Survey Results”

  1. That this blog is a bad place to meet women.

    OK, seriously. No surprises in the responses, except for the small proportion of female respondents and the overall age of the crowd. The strong interest in topics like military history is probably what everyone expected. Some respondents made good suggestions that I will probably follow up on, particularly the idea of creating a prominent list of recent posts.

    Overall the survey was fun and useful but, I think, too long and with too many duplicative questions. Next time I’ll make it better.

    I encourage readers to use this comment thread to share their interpretations of the survey results.

  2. Thanks, but I think it shows more the importance of good survey design. This survey has so many questions and choices that putting the results into Excel graphs or whatever is a bigger job than I have time for. If any reader wants to do it for me, and can format the graphical results in a way that doesn’t require huge bandwidth for display, I would be happy to forward a .csv file containing the latest updated results data and to host and display the graphics here.

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