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  • Mike Lotus Piece on Fox About Healthcare and America 3.0

    Posted by Chicago Boyz Archive on November 12th, 2013 (All posts by )

    I recently had a piece on Fox News based on the book I wrote with Jim Bennett: America 3.0. The Fox piece is entitled “The transformation of the USA — here comes America 3.0.”

    We are grateful to Fox for running the piece and to Instapundit for linking to it, and quoting this passage:

    Today’s political regime is like legacy software, built for an earlier world.
    Institutions of the 20th Century welfare state that once looked permanent are crumbling. The old operating system has been kludged so many times it won’t work much longer. It has to be replaced.
    The time-worn liberal-progressive wisdom is simple: See a problem, create a government program to fix it.
    ObamaCare proves this approach no longer works. . . . The government shutdown, and the failures of ObamaCare, are dramatic symptoms of an old systems reaching its end.
    But this is a time of transition, not decline.

    In the Fox piece I offer some policy proposals for healthcare reform, which are consistent with our vision of where America should be heading.

    I get most of the good ideas I may have about reforming healthcare, once Obamacare has been repealed and consigned to the trash heap of history, from my friend C. Steven Tucker. His blog is here, and you should make it a regular stop. Steve was predicting the catastrophic consequences of Obamacare YEARS ago. How could he do this? He is an insurance professional, understanding the law is his full time job. Steve read all 2,000+ pages of the law immediately after it was passed, and more than that, he understood it! He can truthfully say “I told you so!” But like everyone who is not blinded by partisanship, he would much rather that this ruinous law had never been passed in the first place.

    President Obama and his Democrat allies have created a huge mess that is just going to get worse, and a lot of people are going to be hurt in the process. It is all tragic and unnecessary. Obamacare is, I hope, the final, massive failure of the 20th Century welfare state model, and that we will survive it, repeal it, transcend it, and replace it with something much better.


    6 Responses to “Mike Lotus Piece on Fox About Healthcare and America 3.0”

    1. dearieme Says:

      It takes a political genius, of sorts, to take American Shambolicare and make it worse. Oh Obama!

    2. PenGun Says:

      Really. The shutdown is part of the right wing plan to prevent universal health care in the USA.

      The reason you have been left with a stupid cludge instead of normal, you are the only first world exception, single payer health care, is that it is impossible to move legislation through your moron dominated congress.

    3. Lexington Green Says:

      PenGun, I only wish there were a “right wing plan.” This whole thing, enacting Obamacare, and opposing it, and then failing to implement it, has all been haphazard and uncoordinated.

      You are wrong to call representatives and senators morons. They respond to incentives, and try to represent the views of their voters. Lots of people in the USA simply do not want so called single payer health care. We know in this country what low quality crap we get whenever the government is the provider. Socialized medicine in the USA would be a catastrophe. Most people would get shit care and the government and business elite would get gold plated care, and the public system would be ruinously expensive anyway. That is so obvious and inevitable it is barely worth talking about. We know it, you probably know it too, and we are hopefully going to stop it from happening.

    4. PenGun Says:

      We do very well here in Canada. If you really cannot deliver government services fairly to your people, you have deeper problems. I have some ideas about what those are but you will not like them.

    5. Lexington Green Says:

      Say whatever you want. I cannot be shocked by your opinions .

      The record in Canada is public and well known. It’s not as good as it’s touted to be.

    6. Joe Wooten Says:

      We do very well here in Canada. If you really cannot deliver government services fairly to your people, you have deeper problems. I have some ideas about what those are but you will not like them.

      Pen, then why is every clinic on our northern border crowded with Canadian liscense plates?