I deactivated trackbacks for this blog, because policing the pings for spam became more of a chore than I want to deal with. Apologies to anyone who tried unsuccessfully to leave trackbacks. I can only suggest that you leave manual trackbacks in the form of comments.

I am trying to avoid upgrading this blog to MT 3. As soon as I can figure out an easy way to port our templates to WordPress I will do it. Suggestions on this topic are more than welcome.


5 thoughts on “Trackbacks”

  1. I am wondering if anyone has done a survey into the minds of the losers who publish and promote the spam which stretches across a whole mountain of the internet?

    The queries which might form the body of the survey may include:-

    1 Have you ever thought about getting a life?

    2 Ain’t you got anything better to do with your broadband costs beside exasperating and annoying lots of people who really rather wouldn’t?

    3 Have you ever really thought about getting a life?

    As I prefer to moderate any comments for my own little blog, and thus keep the screen clear of both spam and obscenities, obviously I have chosen a slightly different path to the ‘Boyz’ blog, but continue to read yours as a well-sourced and intelligent addition to my days!

  2. Go for MT 3.2 You can keep your templates and you get a wonderful ratings-based spam filter (comments and trackbacks). I never spend more than 10 minutes/week looking in the junk folder to see if something was miss-labeled.

    WordPress’s templating is very different from MT’s and it is, frankly, inferior.

  3. Genghis: I assume the spammers are making money or they wouldn’t be spamming. I am less interested in their lives than in freeing up a bit of my own.

    Gabriel Mihalache: MT 3.x is the path of least resistance. Upgrading to it would be a snap. And I agree that the WordPress template scheme is inferior, at least for me. However, MT software imposes a big load on servers and the company that markets MT has a history of customer-service blunders. On balance I don’t think there’s much to lose by trying WordPress. I just need to figure out how to translate our templates or find someone who can do it for me.

  4. I started a free site at WordPress. I believe you could simply transfer your site as it is since you will probably be using paid hosting. I might be wrong, though, since I am quite new to WordPress.

  5. Thanks, Charles. I agree that setting up a new WordPress blog is easy. The difficulty for me lies in setting up a WP blog that retains the look of our current blog. That’s why templates are an issue.

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