To Borders Rewards:

I see you don’t have a customer feedback category for freedom of speech. That is unfortunate. I understand that you will not stock the April-May issue of Free Inquiry magazine because it contains cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Until you grow a spine, don’t expect to see me back in your store. My Borders Rewards number is XXXXXXXXXX. I will not be needing it again, apparently, so I will be taking the tag off my keychain. Please go to hell, and convey my compliments to the devil.

3 thoughts on “To Borders Rewards:”

  1. i am looking for people to organize a group that will boycott any store that makes customers use the so-called prefered savings cards.

    i live in Chicago and all the main grocery stores make everyone have the savings cards. now borders does this also.

    i simply don’t shop at these places but i don’t understand why i feel like i am the only one.
    i am sure there are other people bothered by these stores.
    please help protect peoples privacy and insanity by organizing and BOYCOTT.

    My email address is

  2. Nocards67,

    What do you mean by “makes customers use the so-called prefered savings cards”? Do you mean that the stores will not give advertised sale discounts to customers who don’t have cards? It seems unlikely to me that stores would refuse to do business with people who don’t have cards.

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