5 thoughts on “The American Far Left’s Distinguishing Characteristic”

  1. Harry is pretty damn funny. Read him daily. Could not get through whatever that Lefty guy was going on about. I was physically unable to read much of it. Please think long and hard about linking to such porly drafted stuff in future.

  2. KOS doth protest too much. KOS quoted quite a bit but didn’t see fit to mention Harry’s description of the Daily Kos blog (as a “tedious” blog about American politics).

    Lex, Harry is a hoot. I know what you mean: It’s difficult for me to read the sanctimonius, opinionated stuff of our lefty friends without glazing over pretty quickly.

  3. The Kos people are such blindered one-note blockheads. Some fellow avoids a terrible accident by chance, and I am certainly glad that nothing bad happened to him, but what does it have to do with politics? Nothing — it was chance. So if this happens to you and you exploit the occasion by going into a forum of like-minded people and saying you owe your survival to whatever it is you all believe in, you are going to come off sounding as insightful and genuine as an endorsement for a patent medicine (“Preparation Kos cured my genital warts!”). It’s one thing to make such declarations to your pals as a way to build group solidarity, but if you do it in public you should not be surprised if outsiders do not express proper reverence.

    BTW, notice that Harry also made fun of Boris Johnson in the same post, but that the reference went right over the heads of the self-absorbed Kossacks.

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