Gaza killings very likely caused by Palestinian terrorists

ynet reports that:

While three major British newspapers published reports contradicting Israel’s claims that its military was not responsible for the murder of seven members of the Ghalia family on a Gaza beach over a week ago, a German newspaper casts doubt on the authenticity of pictures taken soon after the bloody incident….

Quoting the relevant parts here would exceed the boundaries of fair use, so interested readers should please follow the link and look for themselves.

Anyway, the original German article is here, and it contains just what ynet says. It also mentions ‘Pallywood’ and the numerous deceptions the Palestinians had previously committed. The lastest they were caught at happened this Tuesday, when terrorists from ‘Islamic Jihad’ tried to remove a short range missile from a car the Israeli air force had just taken out – they had wanted to make it look as if the IDF had killed innocents on a road trip.

While the article of the Süddeutsche Zeitung probably doesn’t prove Palestinan guilt with one hundred percent certainty, it is the much more likely explanation.

5 thoughts on “Gaza killings very likely caused by Palestinian terrorists”

  1. Well, to be fair, it’s possible that space aliens killed JFK.

    The link above goes to some grassy-knoll speculations about the USS Liberty incident, based on someone’s interpretation of supposedly similar photographs. I suppose it can’t be proved that the Israeli govt doesn’t release fake photographs, but if this 40-year-old “evidence” is the best that the critics of Israel can produce then their case is hardly convincing.

  2. [Off-topic essay deleted by Jonathan. Anyone who wants to pursue Mr. Elkerton’s arguments about the USS Liberty is welcome to visit the website he cites above.]

  3. If the Isrfaelis had inadvergtently killed the Palestinians, perhaps one ought to ask why they struck out at the Arabs…after all, when the arabs fire rockets randomly into Israel territory, there is the potential for many deaths and thus the Arabs need to bear in mind that to initiate killing is to face the prospect of getting killed. Look to their own culpability instead of blaming the Israelis.

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