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I recently paid a visit to Chicago, and had a pleasant visit with Lex. I also got to take some pictures around Chicago, especially along the river. With no further ado, I present the pictures:

Update: It seems the link below was wrong before. I’ve fixed that now. Thanks for the comments on the pictures; I have to say that Chicago architecture makes taking great pictures so much easier!

[Excerpted from Between Worlds]

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  1. Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, that is Lex’s house that the lads are standing in front of.

  2. You still use human servants? I’ve got robots for everything now. They don’t look as good in French maid outfits but otherwise they are great. Power blackouts remain a weak point, however.

  3. I’m confused. I thought the second picture was Lex Tower Place (with the Lexington Green Building in the background), and the fourth picture was Lex’s new residence, under construction …

  4. Nice color on the Canon (EXIF data). I had bad opinions of Canons before based on the color of the pictures that I’ve seen. This changes my opinion somewhat. Did you crank up the saturation? I get similar effect on my Nikon 4500, but I set the saturation at max.

  5. Incognito, I always try to remember to set the color effects to “vivid” on my Powershot S70. It was a little step back from my (late) Powershot G2, but it’s a lot easier to carry around, and I can always increase the resolution to its full 7MP if I wanted to. I’ve left the “program” mode on “vivid”, but some of these shots were made in automatic.

    I understand the doubts you have about the color quality of Canons. Having seen the pictures from my brother’s Sony Cybershot, contrast becomes an issue as well. However, the photographer matters, too. My brother is very good at framing pictures, and because he has slight color-blindness, he tends to go for shots that involve more contrast, which may help explain some of his beautiful pictures.

    For more examples of my work with Canons, take a look at pictures from my friend’s wedding and my 2004 Asia travelogue [Link fixed. JG] On some pictures, I admit I do use Autolevels in Photoshop. This is especially true of the shots from Asia. However, I find that time exposure shots, which involve a couple of the shots from Japan, and the second to last shot from the wedding, rarely if ever see a significant change under Autolevels, which means I don’t save those changes.

    Oh, and how was first year? ;-)

  6. Nice pictures from Asia. Cool that you saw the new Taipei 101 building. I haven’t been back since ’01. One of these days I have to go back (law school debt willing of course).

    I liked the colors from the G2 as well, from what I remember of my friend’s G2. Nice low light performance on the S70, ie 2nd picture from Chicago.

    First year was fast. 1 down 2 to go. It feels good to be back in the working world, for the summer at least. Can’t believe I have to go 2 more years of academia to become a productive member of the economy again.

  7. I hear ya! This summer I’m only so-so productive, as a research assistant for one of the professors at my school, partly because my grades weren’t exactly stellar. But I have a better sense now, I think, for what professors are looking for on law exams.

  8. Guys, good luck with law school. It gets easier. Bruce, if you really want to see examples of how to write law school exams ask a newly minted graduate for their BarBri sample exam book after next month. When studying for the bar I would practice, sometimes by copying these sample exams. It was then, that I understood that I was misunderstood how to write the legal exams (even though I thought I understood IRAC and ICRAC). I guess it’s never too late for incognito either.

    Good luck with work also guys, do what you love, few actually enjoy the really long hour jobs at big firms. (I opted out of law alltogether and pursued real estate development).

    Great pics of Chicago Bruce, downtown is my home and the rabbit statue is very close by.

  9. Wow! Those pictures are beautiful. The river photos are my favorite, the color really comes off the river and works well with the clear skies that day. Thanks, I’m a big fan of Chicago so it’s refreshing to see great pictures like these.


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