5 thoughts on “History of Political Correctness: The Frankfurt School”

  1. I think political correctness is best summed up as follows: Our ideas are are correct, you are wrong, now shut the hell up! Further, can we make what this person said a crime?

  2. While the content of this video is excellent, the delivery and production is awful, it needs to be redone dork -free and without the empty pipe.

  3. I had long suspected that there was a direct Marxist connection to the “new left”, “new progressivism” and “political correctness/ multiculturalism. This was very enlightening, thanks. I have to agree with the comment on the production shortcomings.


  4. Freud and Marxism have always been related. Freud was only overthrown in psychiatry in the 1970s. By that time the “deinstitutionalization” of the psychotics had destroyed traditional psychiatry.

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