2 thoughts on “I need a bit more time, Lex ;)”

  1. Take your time. No saying when I’ll be able to respond. That war ended a long time ago, after all.

  2. I must say, you guys run one of the best Salons on the internet for history lovers.

    I just finished Fromkin’s Europe’s Last Summer which argues that the German High Command wanted a war sooner rather then later as it felt is was relatively stronger, but would lose this advantage with time. They convinced the Austrians to start the war with Serbia, but they had been looking for one for several yeas. They then managed (on purpose) to turn in into a war with France and Russia. The Kaiser was not at all interested in actually going to war (historically he would say all sorts of outrageous things, but then always backed down). All in all an intersting perspoective.

    I look foreward to this conversation.

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