6 thoughts on “On the Beach”

  1. It was about a 15 second exposure. At this latitude, with the lens I used, the stars start to smear if you go much longer.

    The sky was pretty bright but as compared to the photo the overall scene looked darker to the naked eye. It was so dark that the light from the fire was dazzling and it was difficult to focus the lens. I ended up focusing on the people by the fire, which is why the stars are a bit blurred.

  2. You sure can do a lot with a digital camera Jonathan – maybe I should get an SLR.

    Have a Nikon F3 that is collecting dust. I know it is worth next to nothing but it had been with me to so many places I hate parting with it. It’s like an old friend.

    A Canon G7 does most of the work these days. Even that is old by digital standards.

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