5 thoughts on “Gas Pedals Don’t “Stick””

  1. It’s a very tight race in CT, and it’s all about punishing the Democratic heretic. There’s no way a Boston MSM jounralist would pass up the chance to let everyone know there’s an alternative to Lieberman.

  2. Lieberman was mentioned because the injured included Lamont people, and the paper is in Boston, where most people are NOT following the Conn. Democratic primary.
    As to gas pedals sticking being caused by bad drivers, I suspect that explains a lot of accidents, but gas pedals do indeed stick. This has happened to me a number of times with my 1998 Nissan. In all cases I was able to jam my foot on the brake and the clutch in time to get control back and let the motor run down with a horrible whine, but if I had had an automatic transmission I might have been in trouble.

  3. Automatics generally don’t do that, and it’s rare in standards. This was probably caused by mistaking the gas for the brake.

    This Boston publication is widely read in Rhode Island and Eastern CT, that was the target audience.

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