14 thoughts on “Chicagoboyz Observe Earth Day”

  1. No, I don’t really need a bag. Just looking at your goods, I won’t be buying anything because you don’t seem to wish us to take our purchases off premises. Glad to oblige!

  2. Awesome to be a business and to have the same action save you money and flatter your customer’s ego.

    “Do you really need customer service? Isn’t that classist…”

  3. A friend has a t-shirt especially appropriate right now, when Easter is a recently-ignored irritation in the slipstream of the leftist mind, and Earth Day a MANDATORY HOLINESS. Over a picture of an idyllic landscape with a jihadi using a sword on a child, it says:

    The Earth is Fine.
    Save Yourself.

  4. All the oil and natural gas that is taken out of the ground is done so for fuel. Those plastic bags are mostly made from a feedstock from natural gas (increasingly from shale gas). The particular feedstock, ethane, is only a small percentage of the gas. The vast majority, 75%+, is methane, and it’s used for fuel.

    If every American stopped using plastic bags, or even all plastics completely, it wouldn’t stop natural gas production at all. The only thing that would happen is ethane would burn off into the air during refining.

    In a way petrochemicals are the some of the most conservation friendly substances humans have because we don’t waste one bit of them and put every component to use.

  5. Stupidity is still not illegal. In practice with deliberate ignorance for ages with no recourse. See: Nov 2012

  6. It is not illegal to be stups, as Tomw says, in fact don’t you have a constitutional right be be stupid?

  7. It seems to be that a plastic bag decays so quickly that in a year outdoors it’s not really recognizable. Of course the older paper bag decomposes even more quickly which is ironic since the supermarkets hyped their conservationism to shoppers when they switched to plastic.

    I suppose, Virginia, that it was all about saving $.001 per bag all along…

  8. don’t you have a constitutional right be be stupid?

    And people have been exercising that right in the past two elections. To an astonishing degree.

  9. You guys should know that in the city of LA it is now illegal for grocery stores to use plastic bags. They’re now back to using paper bags that they used when I was a child. With one catch, the stores now charge you a dime a bag.

  10. The next step in LA with be a return deposit of another dime and mandatory public service messages printed on the paper bags such as “Eat less and save the planet.”


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