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“Western nations yesterday pledged $500m (£263m) in aid to the Palestinians as the UN humanitarian chief warned an economic crisis meant the Gaza strip was a “ticking time bomb”.

A total of $114m will be spent on humanitarian aid. The remaining money will be used to meet a shortfall in UN emergency funding and to cover the reconstruction of infrastructure.”

6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Why not try this: NO money till arab states recognize Israeli’s right to exist…that would induce arab nations willing to assist Palestinians to stop financing anti-Israel militants and reduce Hamas to a purly humanitarian and political group. Why finance a group/people determined to eliminate a member state of the UN?

  2. Fred: It’s a very good idea for Arab states to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Many already do. An even better idea would be for Israel to recognize Palestine’s right to exist.

  3. bunkerbuster: Palestine IS Israel. They have no doubts in their right to exist.
    If you mean Palestinian Arabs, they happily exist in all Arab countries of the region; they even have their own state – Jordan.

    Google away.

  4. Was it a matter of “happily” exist? My impression is that they aren’t always welcomed with open arms. Most of you will know much more about this than I and probably know good reasons why the deaths & conflicts of Black September are seldom discussed.

    A few years ago, CNN interviewed Queen Nor, who criticized Bush for not negotiating with Arafat. Not surprisingly, the follow up did not ask about Jordan’s not terribly positive experience with the PLO. Again, the lack of follow-up may have been well reasoned, as our unusually knowledgeable commentators may explain.

  5. Ginny, I thought somebody will pick-up on that!
    Yes, it was unfortunate expression.
    Clarification: happiness or misery of Arabs is their internal affair; US or Israel, or UN for this matter are not responsible for making them happier.

    And if anybody wants to exercise their charity by sending millions to them thru UN, all I can say is “not in my name!”

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