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  • New! – Your Weekend Personal Accessory Recommendations [Updated]

    Posted by Jonathan on July 6th, 2014 (All posts by )

    Chicagoboyz used to buy cheap plastic watches until we realized they are false economy, since you end up having to replace the bands and batteries every year or two. That is why this Casio Men’s EF106SG-2AV “Edifice” Two-Tone Stainless Steel number with faux-gold trim is the new official watch of the Chicagoboyz blog.

    There is also an all-stainless version for those of you who prefer something a bit more understated for fishing trips or the opera.

    These Casios are cheap, sharp looking, have a 10-year battery and durable metal band (see the Amazon reviews for easy adjustment instructions) and IME are highly waterproof. They also have nice big dial markings for those of us in the Ctrl++ demographic. Recommended.

    Don’t forget the official Chicagoboyz cycling mirror:

    This is an excellent product that we have been using for years. It may not prevent you from being run over but at least you will see who did it. Just kidding! It is also quite useful for kayaking, believe it or not.


    Excellent bike tires. I use and recommend the 700 x 28 size, wire bead, without the kevlar belt. I think they are as good as anything and they are inexpensive.


    12 Responses to “New! – Your Weekend Personal Accessory Recommendations [Updated]”

    1. dearieme Says:

      My watch looks much like those, but it has Roman numerals – it must have been made for the generation that had mastered those arcane symbols.

    2. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Likely the same generation which knew how to drive standard-shift automobiles…

    3. dearieme Says:

      Oh yes, though when I drove in the US I found it a little inconvenient having to lean across to get my left hand on the gear lever. :)

    4. CapitalistRoader Says:

      Link for the Chicagoboyz cycling mirror?

    5. Jonathan Says:


      You don’t see the Amazon link?

    6. pst314 Says:

      Do you remember when, in the early days of digital watches, at least one manufacturer made a watch that replaced mechanical hands with a digital display of those hands?

    7. Dan from Madison Says:

      You ride 28’s? Apostasy.

    8. MikeK Says:

      “Do you remember when, in the early days of digital watches, at least one manufacturer made a watch that replaced mechanical hands with a digital display of those hands?”

      In 1981, I navigated my way to Hawaii using a new Texas Instruments digital watch as chronometer. I think it cost about $10. Longitude requires accurate time which is why Britain paid John Harrison 20,000 pounds for a reliable marine chronometer. That was millions of pounds in present day terms.

      Latitude does not require accurate time except to determine local noon. And, of course, the sun or stars which is a problem in the Pacific Trade Wind belt. It is also quite difficult when the sun is directly overhead as is the case in the Hawaiian latitude in July.

    9. dearieme Says:

      Think what brilliant navigators the Polynesians were to colonise those islands.

    10. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      Two GREAT watches, especially for the money:

      Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Coin Edge Automatic

      Seiko Men’s SNK603 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

      I got the first for my son as a birthday gift. I own the second. I would recommend either.

    11. Grurray Says:

      The iWatch should hit stores in the fall

      Some are saying that it’s a solution in search of a problem, but, then again, people weren’t exactly breaking the doors down demanding tablet computers either when the iPad came out. Things could be changing fast for watches.

    12. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      >>Things could be changing fast for watches.

      If Apple gets that whole Dick Tracy two way wrist TV thing going, I’ll be impressed.