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  1. I think – without exception – the offending area would have been invaded and conquered.

  2. In comments here and there, I have asked or speculated on the notion – what if El Paso, or Brownsville were targeted by rockets fired from across the Rio Grande, by … hostile parties in Mexico. I do think the official American response would have been a little … robust. Or until this current administration.
    For a robust response currently, given that exact situation, we might have to depend on independent volunteers. Just my .02.

  3. “I think – without exception – the offending area would have been invaded and conquered.”

    Invaded, conquered, its warriors and leaders killed, and its inhabitants expelled.

  4. The US Mexican expedition of 1916 might be a good model.

    Hamas controls Gaza and is orchestrating the rocket attacks against Israel. The PA is allied with Hamas. At the least Israel should invade Gaza, kill the Hamas leadership and destroy the terror infrastructure. They should consider also reoccupying Gaza as well as annexing Judea and Samaria and kicking out the PA govt there.

  5. Sgt. Mom Says:
    July 9th, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    As defined by Title 10 USC and Title 32 USC; the Militia of the United States consists of

    1) the Organized Militia [Reserves and National Guard]
    2) State Militias which are not funded by the Federal government or under any Federal control
    3) the Unorganized Militia, which when you take into account age and gender discrimination laws consists of all US Citizens and those who have formally declared an intent to become a US Citizen from the ages of 15-65 except Federal employees, who report bearing their own weapons of military utility.

    The Texas State Guard consists of 6 regiments, 2 Air Wings, a Medical Brigade, and a Maritime Regiment.

    I have law enforcement friends in Texas, and a standing invitation to move down. If y’all find yourself in that position, I’ll be there under either category 2 or 3. I don’t think I will be alone, with enlistees from both Texas and the real America flooding your ranks.

    I note that my ancestors had a certain skill at building substantial walls.

    Subotai Bahadur

  6. I suspect that if a few rockets were fired into Brownsville or El Paso the US government would do, essentially, nothing at all. Perhaps somebody in DC would pick up the phone to complain to the Mexican government, then make sure that the media knew the call had been made, but that’s it.

    I say this because we know the US government has done, essentially, nothing at all to stop the endless flow of foreigners illegally enriching themselves by walking across the open border. It’s done nothing to stop Mexican police and army soldiers from crossing into the United States whenever they feel like it. It’s done nothing about the theft by China and others of almost every bit of technical knowledge developed at great expense by American taxpayers. It’s done nothing about ruinous trade practices of foreign our foreign competitors. It did nothing when Iran and Syria were arming our enemies in Iraq, and of course it’s doing nothing now about the collapse of what our expensive commitment had gained us.

    Yes, if we had a different government it would be different… but we don’t.

  7. What makes them think that one needs to imagine that London might be targeted with rockets? Chumps.

  8. Dearime, it was a long, long time ago way back last in the past, forgotten millennia that London may
    have been targeted by German Rockets. Perhaps someone with a better memory can let me know the restraint shown then by the UK?

  9. “Perhaps someone with a better memory can let me know the restraint shown then by the UK?”

    Yes, I would show the same restraint to Hamas as I showed to the Germans.

  10. To answer the initial question of the image – call the IDF to get their Iron Dome system.
    Because real lives are at stake, the Israelis actually have to employ weapons systems that really work, unlike our military system which more and more seems to only serve as a jobs and social engineering program.

    Maybe if Trent has time from all his work about lost proto-computer-age weapons in the Pacific Theatre, he can write something up about Britain’s anti-missile defense program against the V2.

  11. The Hamas campaign seems to be working on a theory that they can flood the Iron Dome system and defeat it by mass firings of rockets. They may not have enough long range rockets but seem to be trying to do mass firings of the lesser type.

    According to reports on Thursday, the resistance movement has fired some 234 rockets from Gaza.
    Israeli media reports say that only some 60 of those rockets were intercepted by its US-funded Iron Dome missile system.

    Now, they are trying to hit the Dimona nuclear site.

    The Thursday rocket launch is the second attempt to hit the Israeli nuclear reactor in the latest surge of Israeli-Palestinian violence. On Wednesday, seven rockets were fired at Dimona, with three of them intercepted and four others failing to cause any damage.

    I do wonder at US politicians who are convinced that Iran is ruled by practical politicians and not by suicidal maniacs like their clients, Hamas.

  12. Grurray….I’ve read General Pile’s interesting book, and he does mention that he believed defense against the V-2 was possible. Certainly, the integrated radar and analog computer system that was used against the V-1s was quite effective, but of course the V-2 speeds were much higher and the angle of descent was also steep. I’d be curious to know how far the studies of a possible V-2 defense actually got.

  13. David,

    pp 20 – 24

    He was close, but as he said, Monty beat him to it by taking out the launch sites in Holland


    Here’s a map of the rocket ranges from Stratfor. According to them, the Farj-5 are very imprecise. Not only that, but to keep them mobile and avoid detection, Hamas has to fire them on improvised rail lines, which only adds to the inaccuracy. They would have to be real lucky to hit the nuclear plant.

    The interesting thing about this attack is the Khaibar (also unguided and not likely to hit anything) which they’ve never used before. It’s made in Syria and shipped via Iran. Hezbollah has been known to use it. The question is, how much coordination has there been with one or all of them.

  14. Grurray,

    From your link, this had to be the luckiest show of WW2 —

    “One V-2 was, however, shot down—by a bomber. A V-2 launched from the
    Netherlands passed right through a formation of USAAF B-24 Liberators returning to
    England, and was successfully engaged by a .50-calibre machine gun.183”

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