Embarrassed By Bill Clinton

From the AP:

[Former President] Clinton, who recently made fundraising stops for Democrats in Minnesota and New Jersey, also said he was embarrassed by the recent immigration debate.

He noted that Mexico had become one of the U.S.’s top 10 creditors.

“These people are our bankers,” Clinton said. “Doesn’t it embarrass you that these poor people are trying to sneak over the Rio Grande River to find a living in this country and we want to stop that? But we’re only too happy to turn around and say, ‘Don’t spend your own money on those poor illegal immigrants to give them an education and get a job in Mexico. Loan it to us.'”

I’m not at all embarrassed that Americans want people who come here to live and work to follow our rules. Nor am I embarrassed that Mexican investors find better opportunities for their capital in the USA than they do in Mexico. What does embarrass me is an American ex-president who takes a cheap shot at his own country in order to score points with leftist voters.

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  1. Give them money to give their peasants – yeah, that’ll work. (That isn’t what the Mexicans on our border want – nor would we.)

    The person who should be embarrassed are those in power in Mexico who prefer to use America as both scapegoat and safety valve rather than actually improving the lot of their people through honest law enforcement, transparent courts, and a just rule of law.

    Around here we see Bush I honoring Teddy Kennedy. His muted actions seem designed to encourage civility. So, I would have thought the weight of decision-making within the White House would lead ex-presidents to a vision less partisan, less vulgar, less transitory. I guess I would be wrong.

  2. Thanks Bill. I now know you are a fool. You and jimmi are battling it out for the worst President of the 20th century,

  3. He’s not embarassed by the country, but by the fucking retarded righties that constantly spew inanities.

    Honestly, you must be pretty stupid to have missed that fairly obvious point.

  4. Yeah, I’m sure the Treasury Department has a marketing office in Mexico, persuading people to invest their money in U.S. Treasury securities, instead of Mexican businesses.

    Or maybe it’s that big 4.806% we pay on the 10-year bond…after all, how could any business hope to achieve such a stellar return on investment?


  5. I reckon jpe (in addition to the common, adolescent habitual vulgarity – come on, if the word is only an allusion to show your disdain, it’s unecessary and doesn’t make your point. Life is short, get control of your emotions, speak your piece. People can be persuaded if you have a cogent argument) can read Clinton’s mind.

  6. Clinton’s the gift the keeps on giving. I didn’t think my esteem for him could be lowered.

    He’s got that Nixonian neurotic edge, hasn’t he? You really don’t want to cross him (I’m thinking about the Wallace interview).

  7. Wonder if he’s embarrassed that he has a door and lock on his house with homelessness still in America, to include his period as President?

    I wonder if he’s embarrassed for the xenophobic Mexican Constitution which treats foreigner worse and keeps foreign investments out?

    I wonder if he’s embarrassed for the 40 or so family cartels which have ruled Mexico for generations who need to dump their unemployed upon the United States in order to keep revolution and reform from happening?

  8. If I had a TV, and I saw Clinton’s face come on, I’d immediately change the channel. So, I’d never get to be embarrassed of, by, or for him.

    With Mark Warner withdrawing from the presidential race, Hillary probably has the nomination locked up, and I think she’ll win, unfortunately. So, we’ll probably have him back in the White House pretty soon. So get used to seeing his face.

  9. Wow Lex, r u serious?

    I don’t think she has a chance unless the republican primary blows up and gives the nod to McCain or Newt. Otherwise Romney and Guliani would wipe the floor with her.

    Hillary just isn’t that likeable of a personality and she doesn’t have the skill to fake it. Wait until people have to hear her voice over and over in campaign ads and speeches and debates. They will not like her.

    Even the small subset of women she’d attract for being “a woman” would be less than the female votes Mitt would get for being a good looking guy. Seriously.

    John Edwards would have a much better chance than Hill, but he’s way behind on fund raising for the primaries.

  10. And, no offense to lawyers, do we need a trial lawyer in the White House?
    I’ve wondered why Hillary doesn’t hire a voice coach – perhaps she fears sounding sentimental. But not doing simper doesn’t mean you have to do bitch.

  11. Yeah, I’m serious. I think she will run with Obama and win handily no matter who the Elephant puts up. I don’t like it, but that is how I see it coming out. She is a person of extreme personal discipline. This is invaluabel in a long race under intense public scrutiny. She will stay mechanically, robotically on-message. We will have a very mobilized Donk base, who will forgive her somewhat pro-War stance to get rid of the GOP. We will have HRC bringing in single women who ordinarily don’t vote, the only unmobilized source of potential votes left. Meanwhile, the GOP base is divided and angry. Much like this midterm election, we see GOP voters cheering for a GOP defeat, cutting off their nose to spite their face. I expect this dynamic to continue. We may have a third party challenge on the GOP side, depending on how it goes. Plus the war will be hanging over the GOP and if it is still going on it will be even more unpopular and if we pull out and Iraq collapses into anarchy, that too will be pinned on the GOP. The war is an electoral gift to the Donks no matter what happens. Giuliani cannot be nominated. McCain is old, has no principles, is an ill-disciplined loose cannon who shoots his mouth off, so his campaign will be one “gaffe” after another. Also, he is a senator and they make rotten candidates and cannot win. A McCain campaign will be a re-run of Dole, but more disorganized. Mitt is a wild card. He is a Mormon, which will probably deny him the nomination. He is a smart guy, and a governor, and is my favorite, but I do not think he can beat Clinton/Obama. Frist is a joke. Allen is damaged goods. Hillary will have the huge advantage Bush had in 2004 — no primary challenge of any importance. This will allow her to use her money well and to attack the GOP the whole time.

    Count on big tax increases and nationalized health care.

    I hope I am wrong.

    I scan the horizon eagerly for evidence that I am wrong. Nothing so far … .

  12. I disagree and this is the last I’ll say on the subject:

    You say McCain is a senator, therefore can’t win, but a ticket of two junior democratic senators can? I don’t get the logic.

    Hillary and Obama will mobilize the dem base about as well as Dean did. Neither of them is very appealing. Two harvard/yale lawyers? And Obama’s race would be his best asset, but he isn’t even “black”, his mom is white and his dad is a rich african. Don’t think American blacks won’t pick up on this. He had trouble winning his congressional seat because of it.

    The reality is that the only base Hillary will motivate is the Republican base. We HATE her and will all vote against her.

    Guliani, Romney or both will be on the republican ticket and will win it handily.

  13. “…this is the last I’ll say on the subject…”

    You’ll never hear me make that promise about anything.

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