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  • Getting in Radio Communication — Hello, Hello!

    Posted by Chicago Boyz Archive on October 15th, 2006 (All posts by )


    8 Responses to “Getting in Radio Communication — Hello, Hello!”

    1. Phil Fraering Says:

      In related matters, are you ever going to tell us what “Jan Pehechaan Ho” means?

      Inquiring minds want to know!

    2. Captain Mojo Says:

      Ah, the Knife, perhaps Japanís greatest contribution to human civilization, and the gateway drug to girl-powered punk-pop. I love them very, very much.

      Since I only discovered them in í97, I forget that theyíre as much an 80ís band as a 90ís one. Still awesome, though…

    3. Lex Says:

      “…perhaps Japanís greatest contribution to human civilization…”

      Though I must say Puffy Ami Yumi are strong challengers for that title.

    4. Lex Says:

      …and don’t forget Mika Bomb …

    5. Captain Mojo Says:

      I canít remember if I ever pointed you to the pillows, who, while not girls, are still pretty awesome examples of good J-rock.

    6. Lex Says:

      Captain, most excellent. Are the Pillows trying to look a a little bit early DEVO???

    7. Lex Says:

      Oh, one more.

    8. Captain Mojo Says:

      I find it difficult to imagine that the Devo-esque eyewear was unintentional, but with Japanese bands, who can really tell. the pillows are most famous in the US for providing most of the soundtrack from the Japanese animation FLCL (one of the few examples of the genre Iíve truly enjoyed). They have been one of my favorites for some time now…