Election Day is Fast Approaching

…and the Democrats have so far been doing very well at fundraising.  (See for example Democrat e-mail fundraisingSuper PAC fundraising, Very large donors,  and another piece on Online fundraising.)  One factor that works to the advantage of the Democrats is that there are quite a few Left-leaning celebrities who are willing to put their high visibility to work for the party: see for example the work of George R R Martin (the fantasy & science fiction writer) on behalf of Thomas Udall.

In addition to the advertising that they can explicitly buy with the money they get from contributions, the Democrats also have the advantage of overwhelming support from the media–indeed, a considerable % of news and editorial coverage consists basically of unpaid advertorials for Dem positions and Dem candidates.

If you care about the future of the United States, and are not happy with the “progressive” approach to government, as exemplified in the administration of Barack Obama, please consider maxing out your political contributions and doing it soon. If the Democrats keep control of the Senate, and especially if they are able to regain control of the House, the next two years may be very dark indeed, and the country may well slide into a place from which it will be very difficult to recover.

5 thoughts on “Election Day is Fast Approaching”

  1. On the Facebook feed today: an ad in which the National Republican Senatorial Committee holds out the promise of winning a *chance to have lunch with Haley Barbour* in exchange for a contribution. (How many of the people who would be thrilled by the prospect of meeting Haley Barbour are even *on* Facebook?)

    Trying to teach marketing to the Republican political establishment must be like trying to teach calculus to a cow.

  2. MH…Joni Ernst’s opponent, Bruce Braley, was caught on video mocking Sen Chuck Grassley as “a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school.”

    Everyone in Iowa who didn’t go to law school, and doesn’t see this fact as a permanent intellectual disability, should be sure to vote for Joni Ernst.

  3. >> Trying to teach marketing to the Republican political establishment must be like trying to teach calculus to a cow.


    This what you get when you take election advice from lobbyists and consultants. They make their living through knowing someone personally and getting face time with them. They think everything works that way, including elections. They’re wrong, of course. The GOP never learns. I generally vote for them because they’re the lesser of evils, but I have no faith or confidence in them. But then, I have no faith or confidence in government in general.

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