9 thoughts on “Milton Friedman, 1912-2006”

  1. Uncle Miltie has passed? Say it ain’t so! I just heard him by podcast last week.

    Is this what EK-R means by “Denial is the first stage of grief?”

  2. I first became aware of Milton Friedman as a teenager circa 1980 when I read an article or editorial of his in which he made the claim that the “energy crisis” was not caused by an actual shortage of petroleum or other energy sources but rather by political interference in energy markets.

    He was widely denounced as a loon.

  3. A true giant and brilliant supporter of freedom and freedom’s relationship to capitalism. Condolences to his widow and family. RIP

  4. One of the greatest men of the century.

    When he and Hayek started the Mont Pelerin Society in 1947, they were the tiniest community of outliers amidst a general consensus in favor of socialism. They did not despair. The facts and the theory were there. The carried on, for decades, and they had an impact.

    Friedman did a superb job all up and down the spectrum of economics, from technical work comprehensible only to specialists, down all the way to his TV show Free to Choose, which any intelligent person could understand. He was a University of Chicago empiricist. Theory had to be grounded in observable fact. His Monetary History of the United States was a monster of factual historical research, a foundation that others could use and build on.

    The world is more free, more proseperous and I will assert happier place due to his unremitting efforts.

    Rest in Peace, sir.

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