Worthwhile Viewing

On CNN Headline News tonight, Glenn Beck has a program called Exposed: The Extremist Agenda. It’s particularly focused on the Iranian regime and the vast differences between the way it portrays itself to the outside world–and the messages that it sends to its own people. The 7PM (ET) show is on now; it will rerun at 9PM ET and at midnight.

5 thoughts on “Worthwhile Viewing”

  1. Something odd happened here. The last 10 minutes or so, Glenn’s show cut out and a sort of Comcast info-mercial took its place. Precisely when Nancy Grace’s program was due to begin CNNHN was back to normal.

    This is Comcast in St. Louis Park, MN.

  2. Hmmm, with Conyers sponsoring this, via LGF:

    Conyers is sponsoring the Orwellian House Resolution 288, apparently seeking to criminalize criticism of Islam:

    I wonder if at minimum they’ll get a rebuttal or will it be allowed to be shown at all?

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