8 thoughts on “An orange Vespa scooter”

  1. Like a scene from a lost Bond film: http://urbanmodgirl.com/image/12255483254

    I’m proud to say I remember an awful lot of the things on that website, including turquoise kitchen appliances, of which we were proud owners. Also interesting are the radical style changes between the early and late 60’s. I actually prefer the early sixties, although there was definitely something to be said for minidresses and go-go boots. I also remember how radically pop music changed between just 1965 and 1968.

    I also can’t think of the 60’s without thinking of this woman – [suspicious URL deleted by admin, July 2018] – boy did I have a crush on her.

  2. Was it painted by the guy who did those other paintings with the bright colors? Needs a woman in a flowing orange dress—

  3. Orange Vespa’s are for girls and the skinny jean/beard set. Those who wish to retain their dignity know that orange comes in only two flavors, KTM and Laverda.

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