Bye Bye Quinn and Hello Rauner… And Congrats to Scott Walker

Wanted to give a brief congratulations to Bruce Rauner who won the Republican governorship in Illinois. He beat the fumbling and inept Pat Quinn, who wouldn’t concede even though he lost by FIVE PERCENTAGE POINTS. I’m sure that Madigan and the cronies in Springfield are engineering hijinks to occur while Quinn is a lame duck and then our state will immediately move to some sort of deranged gridlock situation. No matter, gridlock is preferable to a stone blue state running into oblivion.

Scott Walker also won comfortably. He has faced the voters a bunch of times and each point come out on top. I was talking to Dan and he said the liberals were all crying as if they were being sent off to the gulag. There is zero learning in their world – to them the loss is due to Republicans being “uneducated and clueless” – there is nothing to be understood from defeat or that their statist views on economics and reactionary views on everything else are driving the electorate away from them.

The governors are the real heroes here – it is one thing to be a politician in DC away from all the drum circles and personalized vicious attacks that are the hallmark in particular of Madison and soon to be Illinois. There is no quarter for the Democrats when they are supporting what they view as their positions so they will use all negative weapons available in an attempt to re-impose their will.

Now the only stone blue state in the Midwest is Minnesota, although one house of their state legislature is now Republican, so like Illinois is is only 2/3 blue instead of 100% blue as Illinois was. Here is a summary of the Minnesota election.

From the midwest we are seeing a rejection of the redistributionist and economically statist plans that the Democrats throw to their constituents. The union jobs are not coming back and are a huge albatross on the economy and only benefit the teachers and government workers that remain behind, clinging to their posts until oblivion.

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  1. I was reading too that the labor unions and Democratic party were throwing tons of money to defeat Walker.

    That had to sting.

    Al Franken.

    I don’t get that one.

  2. As a Wisconsin native, I have to say Chicago style politics doesn’t fly in Wisconsin. Walker’s recall win and this one probably had as much to do with Democrat misconduct than it does with Walker. The fleebagging, the revenge recall costing millions, over the top demostrations damaging the Capital building, etc. That stuff won’t fly. The Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot. The nomination of Burke without any vetting didn’t help either.

  3. Congratulations to my good friends in Illinois.

    Still not sold on Rauner but he’s a good first step, far more appealing than your typical Illinois garden variety bungling democrat union puppet like Quinn.

    From my outpost in Indiana Rauner appears to be another liberal north shore political outsider with connections, deep pockets, a big ego and desperate to be loved.

    Term limits? Baaah! If he has the brass to take on the unions then we’ll know he’s the real deal.

  4. Hog farming in Iowa is a $7.5 billion industry which employes 40,000 people directly. For every 1000 hogs raised, another three jobs are created downstream due to it’s multiplier effect. It’s a real big deal there.
    Joni Ernst is the right person at the right place at the right time. For her to be ridiculed by the eastern political establishment just shows how out of touch they are, and it makes her look even better. I hope she rolls into Washington with a pair of shears and runs roughshod over the whole town.

  5. Hm, no one rises to the challenge of telling me how she castrated pigs.

    Anyway, I watched her on youtube. Thumbs up. But so often an apparently attractive politician lets everyone down. So often. That’s why a Reagan or a Thatcher stands out.

  6. “The girl who claimed to have castrated pigs: did she do it with her teeth, or was she a sissie?”

    Around 15 years or so ago my wife and I stayed at a bed and breakfast (read: spare bedroom) on a working pig farm in Iowa. We were actually helping with chores and the like, including the castration of the piglets (at least I did this, a bit much for the wife, who helped make pies for the local fair instead). It was one of the most educational things we have ever done. Highly recommended. If you decide to take the trip, you can ask the farmer yourself and/or see how it was done.

  7. On Minnesota: I don’t know enough about how the Minnesota legislature operates to make a firm prediction, but here in Washington state the reform state senate coalition (2 fiscally responsible Democrats + 23 Republicans) essentially wrote the state’s budget, in spite of the Democrat in the governor’s mansion, and Democratic control (55-43) of the state house.

    I was genuinely surprised that the 25 were able to stick together, because there are some, uh, “interesting”, characters among those 25.

    (Oh, and the Republicans made gains in both, but probably not enough to take over the house, as well as the senate. Votes are still coming in, so some close races may not be decided for a week or two.)

  8. “Bill Clinton, stumping for Braley last week, told a rally he “sort of liked” the ad but accused Ernst of not knowing the difference between pork and people. “I don’t want to hear minimum-wage workers squeal. I don’t want to hear middle-class and working families squeal. I don’t want to hear college students squeal. I don’t want to hear seniors squeal.”” He didn’t mention interns.

  9. Where I grew up, farmers might have a few pigs, but most farmers had lots of sheep. Hence my reference to biting ’em off.

  10. I worry about the Mr. Smith Goes to Washington problem. She sees the problems now from the standpoint of a working class citizen. I worry that amongst the glitz and glamour of the senate, the payoffs to be offered, the readily available graft and insider deals – all that – she’ll forget why she went there.

  11. ” I worry that amongst the glitz and glamour of the senate, the payoffs to be offered,”

    I’ve seen this is local government. You don’t have to go to Washington. This is why smaller government is the only answer and that may be too big a reach.

  12. Wanted to give a brief congratulations to Bruce Rauner who won the Republican governorship in Illinois. He beat the fumbling and inept Pat Quinn, who wouldn’t concede even though he lost by FIVE PERCENTAGE POINTS.

    Pat Quinn is waiting for the missing ballot boxes in Cook County to be manufactured- excuse me, found. :)

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