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My comment in Carl’s previous post was getting a bit long and morphed into this post.

“First off, I want to thank God. I want to thank God for his abundant grace and mercy – win or lose, it is more than sufficient for each and every one of us”

The above quote is how Scott Walker began his victory speech Tuesday night, after winning here in Wisconsin for the third time in four years (Gov. in 2010, recall in 2012, and Gov. in 2014). Here is the clip if you care to watch:

When I was watching it, I was sort of sitting there, mouth agape. What a way to start your speech. While I am not the most devout of individuals, I can appreciate a politician who answers to a higher and just power. The rest of the speech is good, after all of the thank you’s. Rebecca Kleefisch, our Lt. Governor is looking good out there too.

I have been emailing and texting Lex Green back and forth over the last few months about Walker. His campaign was one of the most interesting that I can remember. He simply circled the state nonstop. He shook hands and took photos at businesses for ribbon cuttings, job announcements, and the like. He stopped at farms to talk to people. He went to diners, restaurants and broke bread old school style. There were very few massive rallies. But every single day Walker was out there rubbing shoulders with, as O’Reilly calls them, “the folks”.

In contrast, his opponent had giant rallies with Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama, and President Failure himself. The rally with the President was toward the end of the campaign and I think was a desperation “Hail Mary”, so to say. Walker’s opponent was one of the few Democrats that wanted a photo op with the President toward the end of the campaign. Walker actually took time to take a photo with the President a few months ago when he was in the state. At that time, Walker’s opponent was still at arm’s length from the President – what a juxtaposition.

The polls were always wrong. They were pegging the race as a dead heat, but I called it from the start – Walker was ahead comfortably. I think he knew it from his internal numbers. He never showed any sign of desperation whatsoever. So this could be just bad polling data, or the polls could have been in cahoots with the media to sell more ads, and/or the Democrats to help pull their (bad) candidate over the line.

For the last four years, Scott Walker has been subjected to the very worst of the worst. The capital building packed with “protesters”, dumb drum circles, and all the rest. They even came out with some sort of “freedom flotilla” and were shouting at the executive residence from Lake Mendota. The politically motivated John Doe investigations failed. Act 10 stands. The whole state of Wisconsin is still run by Republicans; Governor, Assemblly, Senate, AG, and now even Treasurer. I love the Republican who won the office of Treasurer running on the platform of eliminating it since it is basically a symbolic office. I hope he actually does it.

The bond rating for Wisconsin over the last several years has gone to practically gold status, relative to other states, and on the 10 year, the spread to AAA is only around 25 basis points. Compare that spread to Illinois at 156 basis points. Wisconsin’s pensions are 99.9% funded, number one in the US tied with South Dakota (compare to Illinois at under 40%). Wisconsin is running a gigantic surplus, and through Act 10, the cities and other municipalities aren’t locked into monopolistic negotiations with the government unions. And on and on.

Through all of the attacks, Walker has come through them with the sort of class that I have rarely seen. If people were threatening my family, I would just start shooting and ask questions later, in a figurative sense. I think Walker actually just sits down and prays for them. It is readily apparent that he is driven by religion and actually cares about people and the State.

I would be sad if we lost him to the job of President, but I think he certainly has the stones for it after what he has been subjected to here. The state would be left in good hands with Rebecca Kleefisch, but time will tell to see if she could win an election. I always think of this clip of Walker during the “protests” when he was handing out awards to Special Olympians and some sort of zombie protest entered the ceremony. It is easily the most disgusting event of the whole “protest” deal.

I would have gone nuts. But he just held his own and continued. Pretty amazing.

I hope he can convince you to vote for him if he decides to run. You won’t be disappointed. Then again, it is early, and I imagine there might be something in Walker’s past that might hurt him, but at this point, after all the angst we have seen in Wisconsin, I am having a hard time imagining what that may be. Time will tell, as always.

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  1. If there were anything in his past that would work against him, it would have been used by now. Walker seems like the kind of personality to return us to normalcy. His brand of retail politics will work well in Iowa and New Hampshire. How well it will scale to a national campaign remains to be seen, though the front porch worked for Harding. I am looking forward to a Walker-Warren faceoff.

  2. To me Gov. Walker is a very brave man and patriot on a mission. How rare is that?

    Anyone who can consistently confound those loopy lefties and union criminals in Madison has my respect and admiration.

  3. Those protestors didn’t realize that they hurt their case more than helped it – they looked like asses. As for Walker he would sure have my vote – he is I think the lone candidate representing me.

    Good for Scott who certainly had a trial by fire.

  4. Heard elsewhere that they’ll go for the fact that he has no college education. Don’t know if that is true, but if so, of course they will. As they say, I like the cut of his jib.

  5. Please, please, Dems, go after him for not having a college education. Not only would that strategy backfire spectacularly, it would launch a much-needed public debate about education, true skill and credentialism that is much needed.

  6. Some very good advice for the GOP Congress.

    House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have said that they will first focus on bipartisan bills that were blocked in the Senate — for example, permitting construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and repealing Obamacare’s medical device tax. The two also said they would pass budget and appropriations bills through both chambers. They even floated the idea of sending Obama a tax reform package.

    All good things. Throw in some trade agreements and maybe something to do with transportation, and it will be difficult for Obama to veto any of this without looking spiteful.

    If they will control themselves and just do that, I think the GOP nomination will be worthwhile in 2016.

    Obamacare can wait for 2017. I think resisting the urge to confront him should not be resisted. The Democrats will recoil from any attempt to enforce the employer mandate.

  7. Resisting the urge should not be resisted. Editor where are thou ?

    [Fixed. I wish I knew of a good comment-editing plugin. Jonathan]

  8. I too am greatly impressed by Scott Walker. I really appreciate the local summary from Wisconsin as it confirms my impressions gathered from here in Texas. I have been a regular, if modest, financial contributor to his campaigns. I would love to see him nominated for President. He is a class guy with the right motivations and ideas as well as a very talented executive. I’ll take results over credentials any day.


  9. “It is true, he didn’t graduate college but I think he went for a bit. They went after that here in Wisconsin and it didn’t fly very well.”

    OTOH look at the mess all of these Harvard grads have gotten us into.

  10. I would love to see Walker run for president. Unfortunately, I think it is pretty much impossible for a sitting governor to do in this era. I think you need to be at it full time to have a chance. Bobby Jindal and Rick Perry are much better positioned to do that. Fortunately, Scott is still a young man and has lots of time to wait for his opening.

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